Editorial April 2013 – Voice of East magazine

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers
Assalam o Alaikum.

March brought the loss of one of the greatest sons of Pakistan, Air Commodore Mohammad Mahmood Alam. A legend, a war-hero, a great Pakistani and an even greater Muslim, his name will be etched in the memories of the generations to come. This month we pay homage to this great Mujahid.

In Pakistan, we find ourselves once again caught in the election fever. Our Westernized, ‘Democracy-Worshipping’ analysts and media demagogues are having a heyday at the ‘successful’ completion of five years of democratic rule. The truth that they fail to utter, which even the blind can see, is that this was the most corrupt government in the history of Pakistan! Pakistan has been looted and plundered by the debauched ‘democratically elected’ politicians like there is no tomorrow! What a shame! The most pathetic part about this democracy is that the same filth which qualified for leadership in the last election is again set-up to rule the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’! The ‘impartial’ Election Commission of Pakistan has allowed all the villains to participate in the up-coming elections, which is nothing but a farce with the nation. No matter how much the liberal, foreign-bought media and analysts tell the Pakistani people that Democracy is the only solution for them, the nation is also finally waking up to the reality that the establishment of the system of Khilafat is the only solution for us to survive as a nation. The liberals were surprised out of their wits recently when their very own British Council in Pakistan carried out a survey which showed that the majority of Pakistani youth want Shariah in the country and NOT democracy.

For those who argue that Khilafat is some alien, far-fetched concept, they can be told for their information that Khilafat never ended till it was abolished in the early 1920s! And since then we have seen the downfall of Muslims all over the world. From the time of the Rashidun Caliphate till the Ottoman Caliphate that ended in 1920s, Muslims always had a Khalifa and Khilafat-e-Rashida system of government was implemented in some form or the other. Though the subsequent caliphates did acquire one aspect of monarchy, in that the reign was transferred from father to son, but in most of the other matters of governance, economics, judiciary and military, the various caliphates followed the system of Khilafat-e-Rashida. Even the Caliph of the dying Ottoman Caliphate was strong enough to threaten the French when they planned to show a blasphemous play. And his threats did work. Muslims were respected and feared then. That is the main reason the Zionists abolished the Ottoman Caliphate in the first place. In this issue, we also present a few glimpses of the beautiful and glorious time period that was the Ottoman Caliphate.

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
April 2013


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