Editorial May 2013 – Voice of East magazine

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers
Assalam o Alaikum.

قرآن میں ہو غوطہ زن اے مرد مسلماں
اللہ کرے تجھ کو عطا جدت کردار

Quran, Allah’s Word, seems to be the one the thing that the Muslims have completely put on a back burner and are living lives impoverished of the spiritual essence and abundant richness of our Holy Book. We have failed to reap the benefits from the Quran which is not just a book but a powerhouse of infinite knowledge and a Guide for the people to come till the Dooms Day. It is our failure as a Muslim Ummah and even a greater failure of our Islamic Scholars who have failed miserably to inculcate the importance and love for Quran in the hearts and minds of people that the Quran so rightly deserved. In fact, they have never mentioned it loud and clear to the Muslims that the word ‘Fard’ is used for Quran in Quran itself [28:85]. Allah [swt] has made the Quran obligatory for us Muslims but do we realize this? Our Ulemas tell us that Salat and Zakat are obligatory; why they fail to mention the Quran-e-Kareem?

When one reads Allama Iqbal, one realizes that he was definitely on a higher spiritual plane as he had immersed himself in the wisdom of Quran. He keeps on calling each Muslim towards Quran and invites him to become the Banda-e-Momin who is a living example of the Holy Quran.

یہ راز کسی کونہیں معلوم کہ مومن
قاری نظر آتا ہے، حقیقت میں ہے قرآن

We revere Quran as a Holy Book and are comfortable with the thought that we have done our duty when we finish reading it [without understanding] in every Ramadan. The importance of recitation of Quran is second to taking the Quran as our Guide, our Imam. I for one am aiming to bring Quran more in my life, as much as much as our Creator wants it to be. Let’s pledge that we will not just recite it but also try to understand what our Lord is saying to us and then implement it in our lives inshaAllah. May Allah be with us.

In this issue, you will get to read tributes to three great tigers of Islam; our very own Jinnah in words of Ameer-e-Millat Peer Jamaat Ali Shah, the tiger of Mysore, Sultan Tipu and the lion of the Libyan Desert, Omar Mukhtar.

You will also find a very thought provoking article about Western plots to divide the Muslim Ummah. A critical analysis of the current political and security scenario of Pakistan is also included.

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
May 2013


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