Editorial July 2013 – Voice of East magazine

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers
Assalam o Alaikum.

First of all, I apologize to our readers for the delay in the publication of this month’s magazine. I and my family had gone for Umrah and Hazri in Haramain Kareemain alhamdolillah and it was not possible to work for the magazine there. You will read about this journey to the sacred land in this month’s issue as well.

We are in the holy month of Ramadhan Kareem and passing through a tough summer season accompanied with excessive load-shedding of electricity. This is just one of the many crises challenging the current government in Pakistan. We hope and pray that Allah gives our leadership the vision to find solutions to the problems faced by Pakistanis and also the courage to make the right decisions. We can only do what is in our power, as Iqbal says:

مقام گفتگو کيا ہے اگر ميں کيميا گرہوں

يہی سوز نفس ہے، اور ميری کيميا کيا ہے

Social Media in Pakistan is abuzz with the leaked Media Commission Report. It is reported that the major Media Houses in Pakistan are being funded by foreign, especially Indian Channels, and hence are working on the agenda of their pay masters. This report is such a shame and also explains the dis-information, propaganda, lies and invasion of the Hindu culture that we see on our Media. It is only rational that patriotic Pakistanis are demanding severe accountability of the Pakistani media channels and newspersons on such treachery. May Allah rid Pakistan of all ‘Mir Jaffers’ and ‘Mir Sadiqs’ soon, whether they are in media or in any other field. Aameen

I don’t know why but looking at the current condition of Pakistanis, I am reminded of Iqbal’s verses which are hauntingly true even for today:

ذرا ديکھ اس کو جو کچھ ہو رہا ہے، ہونے والا ہے

دھرا کيا ہے بھلا عہد کہن کی داستانوں ميں

يہ خاموشی کہاں تک؟ لذت فرياد پيدا کر

زميں پر تو ہو اور تيری صدا ہو آسمانوں ميں

نہ سمجھو گے تو مٹ جائو گے اے ہندوستاں والو

تمھاری داستاں تک بھی نہ ہو گی داستانوں ميں

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
July 2013


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