Editorial October 2013 – Voice of East magazine

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers
Assalam o Alaikum.

Something Pakistanis have been constantly talking about during the last month is Malala and the Nobel Peace Prize she almost got. While it is absolutely clear that the TTP’s attack on Malala was inhumane and unacceptable by all standards, we also need to come to a true understanding of what actually happened in this particular episode. The truth is that Malala was used and exploited by CIA. Talking about the motives and games around the tragic shooting of Malala does not mean that one is being anti-Malala or pro-TTP. The West’s Socio-Politico engineering programme regarding Malala is so intense that people are scared to comment on it and are just blindly following what the Western media, as well as our sold-out media are feeding them. Also the corporate media hype and drama around poor Malala is a certain sign of something very foul and fishy. The stench is overwhelming!

Malala was accompanied by other girls too when shot. Was she the only one going for education and the others were not? What is with the Nobel Peace Prize and so many other awards being showered on her? Moreover, I don’t understand why Malala’s father was meeting US/UK Embassy staff years before Malala’s shooting incident. There is a picture of Adam B Ellick, a CIA embedded Journalist with Malala and her father which is circulating on Social Media. The question is, ‘What Adam B Ellick, had to do with Malala?’ His picture is years prior to Malala shooting incident. It is also interesting to note, not to mention, extremely suspicious as well, that this CIA embedded journalist also disguised himself as a Pashtun, lived with Malala’s father and then did an anti-Pak Army Documentary as well!

Secondly there is also a picture which can be found on internet easily where Malala’s father is seen meeting Richard Holbrooke, US Diplomat who was Special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan region. In what capacity was he meeting Holbrooke? Incidentally, this picture too is before Malala got shot by the CIA sponsored TTP. All these facts point towards a horrible conspiracy that was set into motion to malign Pakistan’s image in the world and to present it as a rogue state where barbarians like TTP reign and women and children are shot simply for their desire to get educated.

These are times of Fitna, as pointed out by our Holiest of the Prophets, Muhemmed [PBUH] 1400 years ago, and we should keep our eyes and ears open and not blindly follow what the Dajjali Media shows us. May we be blessed with Baseerat.

دل بینا بھی کر خُدا سے طلب
آنکھ کا نُور دل کا نُور نہیں

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
October 2013

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