YFK: India Was Defeated In Kashmir The Day Afzal Guru Was Hanged

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—India sealed its fate as a defeated occupation force in ‪‎Kashmir on 9 February 2013 when it assassinated freedom activist and resistance leader ‎Afzal Guru in a Delhi jail. This came in a statement issued in Islamabad and Geneva by Youth Forum For Kashmir (YFK), Pakistan’s first pro-Kashmir youth-led lobbying group, on the occasion of the second death anniversary of Muhammad Afzal Guru.

Guru was a native Kashmiri from Sopore area of Baramulla district and accused of providing logistic support to the perpetrators of attack on Indian parliament in 2001. His trial is regarded as one of the most shady and dubious trials in India with human rights activists claiming that Guru was denied a fair investigation and trial.

The Indian media also went hyper as usual and immediately demanded hanging of Guru with full support of the extremist political parties. It is said that there was never any tangible evidence proving that Guru was amongst the people who attacked the parliament.

The trial of Guru exposed the huge claims made by India of democracy and secularism. This execution was condemned by all factions of Kashmiris and was labeled as a judicial murder. Kashmiris protested against this killing not in Kashmir only but all over the world. Then Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari also condemned the execution.

YFK, at the second anniversary of Guru’s hanging condemns the flawed Indian justice and illegal occupation of Kashmir. It draws the attention of international community to take notice of the unjustified trial of Guru and thousands of other Kashmiris like Guru who are paying the price of sins which they did not commit.

The YFK is a grassroots lobbying group led by young Kashmiris and Pakistanis working to ensure justice to Kashmiris living under Indian military occupation.

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