O Muhammad ﷺ, Our Hearts Have Been Won


O Muhammad ﷺ, Our Hearts Have Been Won

By Walid Lounès Bouzerar

Top cut off, the date palm would not weep
For the loss of its head as it wept
For the pain of its severance from youﷺ
It eclipsed the pain of its severed head
Madina would be just a heap of bricks
Were it not that you perfumed its alleysﷺ
With the musk of celestial fragranceﷺ
Yes, you lit up the mountainous valleyﷺ
Were it not that you beseeched your Lordﷺ
In loving fervour between its prayer walls
O Muhammadﷺ, who would ever be lured
By inebriating prayer calls
Were it not for the bringer of glad tidings
Abul Qasim, the son of Abdullahﷺ
Verily, we would never have tasted the sweetness
Of La Ilaaha Illa Allah
O were I to kiss the blessed hooves of the sheep
From which the wool of your garments were knitﷺ
O were I to kiss the rocks of the moon
That you pointed to when it was splitﷺ
What to say then of your Companionsﷺ
Whose hearts were raised to his Presence
Through the Light of your Spiritual Powerﷺ
Through your gaze they were drowned in his Essenceﷺ
What to say then of your Familyﷺ
Yes, the parents of the Foremost Saints
Yes, the ship sailing to Felicity
We are cured by their Holy names
O Ali, Fatima, Hassan and Husseyn
May the peace of our Lord be with you
May our lives be lived in service to you
May our souls be resurrected with you
O Allah by the Strength of Your Holy Might
Send Your Peace and Your Blessings Upon
The Inextinguishable Light from Your Secretsﷺ
O Muhammadﷺ, our hearts have been won.

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