Saner Indian element must rise up against brutish Indian policies in Kashmir

Saner Indian element must rise up against brutish Indian policies in Kashmir

By Dr. Maqsood Jafri

The Kashmiris will have to fight the war of freedom till last breath and the last drop of blood. No compromise on Freedom. Blood is sacred. It is not red water. It is blood. Indian great Urdu poet Sahir Ludyanvi had said: “when blood flows; it congeals”. It does not mix with mud. It condenses. When blood is spilt it sprouts in the form of tulips. The blood of Kashmiris will emerge in the firmament and brighten the dark cells of serfdom.

The illegal amendment in the Indian constitution by the fascist regime of Narendra Modi has created crisis. The annulment of articles 370 and 35/ A is liable to corrigendum. The coming time is bound to corrode it. I am sure when the government of BJP changes and saner element comes in to power, in the large interest of Indian solidarity and stability, this amendment will be repealed.
The global human fraternity owes responsibility to halt India for perpetrating unprecedented atrocities on docile and defenseless Kashmiris. Presently , the Kashmiris are impoverished and marginalized. They are being massacred by Indian rogues , rascals and radicals.
The democratic world must heed their calls and cries on the current corrosive situation. It is the travesty of time that the heart breaking cries of the Kashmiris are falling on the deaf years like a cry in the wilderness. It is tantamount to beating empty drums.
The world conscience is not slumbering, it is dead. Let some Messiah descent to infuse the spirit of life in theses skeletons. Alas; the world is lopsided and has denied the supremacy of justice and humanity and now is trembling because of Corona Virus pandemic. It is the wrath of God and a severe punishment.
Kashmir Issue is two pronged. Diplomatic Front and Militant Front. We have to fight on both fronts. I strongly appeal to the Indian secular Hindus, Muslims,  Sikhs, Christians and Hindu Dalit to raise potent voice against the fascist regime of Modi. By doing so, they will be saving India by the extremists of RSS and BJP whose policies will surely dismember India.
There are already several movements of secession in India. Assam, Nagaland, Arona Chall Perfesh, Tripura, Adesa, and Manipur are hot points. North- East India is the hub of insurgency. These surges of uprisings are bound to surmount Indian adamancy and supplant it from its roots.
The saner Indian element must rise up and raise potent voice against the brutish and bestial policies of India in Kashmir. By doing so, on one hand, they will  save the Sub-continent from nuclear strike and on the other India from disintegration. The bell is ringing and warning the Indians to launch a gigantic movement to finish the government of Narendra Modi to save the Sub- continent.

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