The doctor who doesn’t believe in Covid-19

The doctor who doesn’t believe in Covid-19

By Marshall Hodge

Dr. Andrew Kaufman lost his job recently because he refused to conform to the ideas that he didn’t think were true about COVID-19. I sit down with Dr. Kaufman to discuss his perspective on what he thinks is actually going on with this current pandemic…

Chapters in the Video
0:00 // Intro
0:59 // Who is Dr. Andrew Kaufman?
1:35 // Masks cause separation and isolation
6:16 // The truth about the tests and mortality rates
11:11 // View on mandatory vaccines
16:15 // The media dramatizing death
18:27 // What’s REALLY going on in hospitals
24:54 // Vaccines – The Transhumanist Agenda
29:35 // Doctor’s insights to stay healthy
33:22 // Why you should ask questions and do your research NOW
36:45 // Message to skeptics
44:22 // Why aren’t more doctors speaking up?
47:30 // Conclusion: Love and Understanding

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