Who is Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy? Part 3

Dr. Hoodbhoy and The National Narrative – Facts or Fiction?

Research by Ik Justuju

This is Part-3 of the video series on Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy. It will be a response to Dr. Hoodbhoy in view of:
1. How is it incorrect to draw an equivalence between East Pakistan Separation in 1971 and present-day small separatist movements in Balochistan?
2. How is it incorrect to blame Pakistan for causing insurgency in Kashmir?
3. How is it incorrect to accuse Pakistan Army of being the only reason for Pakistan’s miseries?
4. Why is it incorrect to proclaim that a historical fiction drama can induce ISIS tendencies among the viewers in Pakistan?
5. Why is it incorrect to state that non-Muslim heritage sites (especially of Hindus and Buddhists) have been willfully plundered and destroyed?

Link of Part-1: https://voiceofeast.net/2020/08/05/who-is-dr-pervez-hoodbhoy-part-1/

Link of Part-2: https://voiceofeast.net/2020/08/25/who-is-dr-pervez-hoodbhoy-part-2/

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