Putin’s Revolutionary Manifesto Focuses On The Struggle For Democracy Against The Deep State

Putin’s Revolutionary Manifesto Focuses On The Struggle For Democracy Against The Deep State

By Andrew Korybko

The New Cold War is all about autocracy versus democracy like the US claims, but true to fashion, the leader of the Golden Billion lies in a Goebbels-like way to flip everyone’s roles by falsely presenting itself and its vassals as the beacons of democracy while its geostrategic opponents are all smeared as autocracies. The reality is that the Russian-inspired Global South is where true democracy still exists while the deep state-hijacked Golden Billion is where the world’s autocratic-totalitarian threats all truly come from.

President Putin’s historic speech that he gave on 30 September ahead of signing the documents related to Novorossiya’s reunification with its Russian Motherland amounted to a revolutionary manifesto, which focuses on the struggle for democracy against the “deep state”. This second concept refers to those unelected members of the permanent bureaucracy – usually those in the military, intelligence, and diplomatic ones but also sometimes expanded to include their allies in academia, government, the media, “NGOs”, pop culture, and others – who hold massive sway over the formulation of opinion and especially policy. It’s not a so-called “conspiracy theory” like its assets dishonestly claim in order to deceive others but a legitimate level of analysis that must always be considered.

The Russian leader referred to three separate but equally anti-democratic deep states in his revolutionary manifesto: the Soviet, American, and European. He blamed the first for arbitrarily dividing the previously united cosmopolitan people of his civilization-state through administrative means after the 1917 Revolution and then unilaterally dissolving their communist state without any regard for the democratic will of those who found themselves in newly created countries, some of which never existed before in history. As for the second and third, President Putin accused them of a panoply of crimes both past and present, while specifically adding that the last of these three have voluntarily turned into the second’s vassals, the consequences of which he described as a betrayal of their people’s interests.

The gist of his criticisms against those two contemporary deep states is that they’re behaving in a rogue way that endangers the entire world, including their own citizens. Their neo-colonial lust for power and riches has resulted in the destruction of entire countries and societies, which are always targeted whenever they express any intent to strengthen their sovereignty or have already done so, whether in part or in whole. Sometimes both are destroyed at the same time like what the Collective West (President Putin’s preferred term for the deep state in his historic speech, though he’s also called them the Golden Billion as recently as early September, just like Foreign Minister Lavrov has) did to Libya and Syria over the last decade.

Other times, however, it’s only their societies that are destroyed whenever millions of refugees from those completely destroyed countries flee to safer ones like those in Europe without assimilating and integrating like he implied in his speech is happening to France, Italy, and Spain, et al. Either way, the consequences for both the directly and indirectly targeted countries are absolutely destabilizing, though those same Western elite (both American and European) that are responsible for all of this aren’t ever adversely affected despite Western and non-Western citizens alike immensely suffering as a result of their self-interested policies. Sovereign states like Russia that can’t be destabilized in the same ways as the Global South and Europe can are instead targeted by Hybrid War.

Unlike the conventional military campaigns carried out against the first-mentioned and the malicious employment of “Weapons of Mass Migration” (per Ivy League scholar Kelly M. Greenhill’s 2015 description of this concept) against the second, Russia and its people find themselves victimized by the attempted “cancelling” of their culture, the assassination of strategic targets like their philosophersColour Revolutions, divide-and-rule information warfare aimed at “Balkanization”, nuclear blackmail, sanctions blitzkriegs, and terrorism, among other hybrid means of attack. If they don’t capitulate under the unprecedented pressure, then they’re smeared as “authoritarian” or “rogue” as part of the false “rules-based order” construct that’s actually a form of international apartheid.

About that disgusting Old Cold War-era policy, its modern-day manifestation is embodied by the Collective West’s belief in their own “exceptionalism” and associated “dogmatic conviction that its civilisation and neoliberal culture is an indisputable model for the entire world to follow.” Far from respecting the principles commonly connected with multiculturalism, they blatantly defy them by instead aggressively imposing their ways of live onto all others, especially the majority non-White people of the Global South in a remix of “classical colonialism’s” so-called “civilizing mission”. This civilizational aggression also seeks to gaslight those elite’s own Western people by “demanding that the citizens of their countries and other peoples confess to things they have nothing to do with at all”.

The context in which President Putin shared this criticism implied that he considers it to be a way in which their deep state can more easily control the population by manipulating their emotions, including by falsely presenting themselves as having supposedly atoned for their historical sins in order to preemptively deflect claims from their targets that their leaders are back to their old tricks again. Some of these same targets like Germany, Japan, and the Republic of Korea – whose people were mercilessly bombed in Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, and other cities; nuked; and carpet bombed as well as hit with chemical weapons – remain occupied by the declining unipolar hegemon to this day. Their leaders, meanwhile, have no shame in knowing that the US spies on them but doing nothing about it.

The entire Global South is being destabilized like never before as a result of America’s artificially manufactured food and fuel crises, which are also destabilizing the Golden Billion itself as well, whose people are forced to do without the same level of comfort and nutrition that they’d grown accustomed to over the decades. Those who question the sacrifices that they’re demanded by their elite to make are treated as enemies of the state and told that they must instead direct all their anger at Russia, which is always blamed for everything bad that happens no mater how ridiculous such claims may be. The Collective West’s information warfare against their own citizens has reached Goebbels-like proportions, according to President Putin, where the most unbelievable lies are passed off as truth.

With the West itself objectively in decline as a result of its elite’s self-interested divide-and-rule warmongering ultimately boomeranging back to destabilize their own countries, the Russian leader is worried that their deep state will resort to collapsing the entire system per a strategy of controlled/weaponized chaos, which could even be brought about by resorting to their historical policy of provoking major conflicts in a desperate attempt to profit from them at their targets’ expense. Independent of those credible scenarios, President Putin also warned about how the Collective West is driving its own people to extinction by promoting degradant and perverse socio-cultural policies in a clear swipe at its recent obsession with homosexualism and transsexualism.

The lives of so many children are being destroyed by these ideological experiments that the Russian leader went as far as accusing those forces of promoting “pure Satanism”, which followed his earlier condemnation of them carrying out biological weapons experiments on human test subjects, including in Ukraine. For as dire as the stakes are, and they’ve never been higher since he rightly described mankind’s very existence being at risk from the very real possibility of war as well as the gradual crippling of children’s souls, President Putin still remains optimistic that democracy will ultimately prevail in its struggle against the Western deep state. He pointed both to irreversible multipolar trends across the world as well as rising resistance within the West itself to their rogue elite, declaring that:

“New centres of power are emerging. They represent the majority – the majority! – of the international community. They are ready not only to declare their interests but also to protect them. They see in multipolarity an opportunity to strengthen their sovereignty, which means gaining genuine freedom, historical prospects, and the right to their own independent, creative and distinctive forms of development, to a harmonious process. As I have already said, we have many like-minded people in Europe and the United States, and we feel and see their support. An essentially emancipatory, anti-colonial movement against unipolar hegemony is taking shape in the most diverse countries and societies. Its power will only grow with time. It is this force that will determine our future geopolitical reality.”

From all of this, it’s self-evident that not only was President Putin’s historic speech a revolutionary manifesto for the Age of Complexity that’s unfolding throughout the course of the global systemic transition to multipolarity, but that its focus is on the struggle for democracy against the deep state. Societies across the world are fighting for their freedom, independence, and sovereignty against the shadowy forces that seized control of the Collective West and especially its declining American hegemon long ago, and which are once again threatening to plunge everything into chaos if they can’t recover from the latest series of global crises that they themselves created. Their ruthless pursuit of power and profit has already killed millions and is stealing the souls of countless more, including in the West itself.

By bravely resisting the most aggressive attempt since World War II to geostrategically neutralize the only force standing in the way of its envisaged global conquest, Russia is once again saving the international system from being dominated by a single power exactly as it’s done several times before over the centuries like President Putin pointed out in his revolutionary manifesto. This is in turn inspiring other states and societies to follow its lead in rising up against this unprecedented totalitarian threat to their national models of democracy as well as their UN-enshrined right to develop and live as they deem fit. Transforming words into action, Russia therefore naturally agreed to accept Novorossiya’s reunification with its historical Motherland after the locals overwhelming voted in favour of this.

By practicing democracy at home, in its region, and across the international system, Russia is setting an example for all others and thus positioning itself as the leader of the global revolutionary movement’s multipolar conservative-sovereigntists against the declining hegemon’s unipolar liberal-globalists. The New Cold War is all about autocracy versus democracy like the US claims, but true to fashion, the leader of the Golden Billion lies in a Goebbels-like way to flip everyone’s roles by falsely presenting itself and its vassals as the beacons of democracy while its geostrategic opponents are all smeared as autocracies. The reality is that the Russian-inspired Global South is where true democracy still exists while the deep state-hijacked Golden Billion is where the world’s autocratic-totalitarian threats all truly come from.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Voice of East.

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