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Why India Needs To Call Pakistan’s Nuclear Bluff Once And For All

Terrorism and veiled threats are used by India in an attempt to balance the asymmetry between the two countries’ armed forces. By Khalid Muhammad It’s rare that someone hands me the opportunity to counter the dream script that is being… Read More ›

Abuzar Ilyas

Abuzar Ilyas is a defence and geopolitical analyst, a budding and enthusiastic writer who regularly contributes for Voice of East. What is democracy? Fall of Dhaka 1971 and current Security and Political Scenario The Reality of TTP… Read More ›

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Multimedia journalist and Human Rights Activist who is also vocal about Animal Rights. She writes and speaks on social issues, international affairs & religion. She tweets at @QudsiyaMashhadi Regime Change Operation That Deposed An Honest Leader: Imran Khan امریکی ٹی وی… Read More ›