Concept Of Moderation In Islam And Resilient Sufi Values Can Defeat Terrorism

Concept Of Moderation In Islam And Resilient Sufi Values Can Defeat Terrorism

Resilient culture of moderation and Sufi values defeated terrorism.
Muslim culture inherits moderation, as evident from history.
Minorities never faced discrimination during Muslim rule in South Asia. Speakers

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Islamabad – MUSLIM Institute in collaboration with Azerbaijan Institute of theology organized a webinar title “Concept of Moderation in Islam”. Amongst distinguished speakers were Dewan (PM) of Junagadh State and Chairman of MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali, Maj. Gen. (R) Dr. Shahid Ahmed Hashmat, Rector of Azerbaijan Institute of Theology Prof. Agil Shirinov, Prof. Anar Gafarov, Ambassador (R) Ms. Naghmana Hashmi, Prof. Elnura Azizova, Prof. Dr. Aalia Sohail Khan and Ravan Baku.

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Speakers explained that moderation and tolerance are unique qualities of a human being and are the essence of Islam provided that their actual meanings are understood and act upon in letter and spirit. Muslim culture inherits moderation, as evident from the history of Muslim civilization. Religious minorities lived peacefully and safely among Muslims whether it is Arab, Persia, North Africa, Central Asia or other areas. The Indo-Pak Sub-Continent was a prime example of religious harmony that was only possible due to Islam’s message of moderation.

Sufis have been tolerant and moderate that was one of the major causes behind the spread of Islam. But, in today’s South Asia, we need to work a lot regarding moderation. Though India is the biggest exporter of beef, yet Muslims are not allowed there to practice their religion freely and even consume beef. Millions of Muslims left out of NRC are being detained in detainee camps. Similarly, the cultural sites of Muslims are facing demolition. All of such activities are primarily due to religious extremism, intolerance and fanaticism of RSS and BJP.

Pakistan has also faced a wave of extremism and terrorism in previous decades. However, the response of state came in the form of narrative against terrorism known as Paygham-e-Pakistan that is first of its kind in the world. It has been endorsed by religious leaders and the people of Pakistan. It has categorically rejected the views and narratives of extremists who were trying to use the name of religion to justify terrorism. Therefore, by dint of our resilient culture, Sufi values and especially sacrifices of Pakistan’s armed forces, we have successfully defeated extremism. There is a dire need to understand Sufi practices as a balanced, compassionate and just system that zeroes away from the extreme, can be an effective countercheck to hatred, radicalism, violence, extremism and Islamophobia, that are obstacles to peace in the world today.

Today we need to focus on our original roots that have been our strength throughout the history. Territorial conflicts are spreading hatred among societies. We need to resolve such issues based upon justice and fairness. Issues like Kashmir and Nagorno-Karabakh are prime examples in this regard in contemporary world. Peace brings economic prosperity which further helps in stability and prosperity. Inner peace combined with justice and fairness is the need of the hour.

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