Pakistani Youth Pledges to Continue Support to Kashmiris

Pakistani Youth Pledges to Continue Support to Kashmiris

By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Last month, 27th October 2013 marked the 66th year of Indian invasion and occupation of Kashmir. Kashmiris all across the world observe Black Day every year on this day to jolt the world’s conscience and to remind the international community of their responsibility regarding the rights of Kashmiris. Kashmir was a Muslim majority state and had a natural tendency to accede to Pakistan but the Hindu Raja gave into the pressure by the Indian government and on 27th October 1947 Indian troops landed in Srinagar and forcibly occupied Jammu and Kashmir in total disregard of the partition plan of the Sub-continent and Kashmiris’ aspirations. Since that catastrophic day, Kashmir the heaven on earth has turned into a living hell for the sons and daughters of this great land who live in a perpetual state of terror, torture and subjugation.

At that time, Quaid-e-Azam took a firm stand regarding Kashmir issue and stated in clear terms that no compromise could be reached regarding the lives of Kashmiris and they should have the right of self-determination. On 5th January 1949, the UN Security Council through its successive resolutions nullified Indian invasion and occupation of Kashmir. It also approved

  • a ceasefire,
  • demarcation of the ceasefire line,
  • de-militarization of the state
  • and a free and impartial plebiscite to be conducted under the supervision of the World Body.

Although the ceasefire and demarcation of the ceasefire line was implemented, the de-militarization of the occupied territory and a free and impartial plebiscite under UN supervision remain unimplemented to date.

The hearts of Pakistanis beat with the Kashmiris as they have always considered Kashmir spiritually and physically a part of them. In the past, Pakistan had always put Kashmir on the top priority in any kind of negotiations with India but India always sidestepped this issue, never accepting any responsibility and unfortunately this dispute has not reached any meaningful conclusion. It saddens me to say that even the government, political parties and media of Pakistan have put Kashmir issue on the back burner for the last 12 years, which is reprehensible and unfortunate. Now it is high time that Pakistani nation raises its voice for their Kashmiri brethren. The recent escalation in LoC violations by the Indian Army is also an unpleasant reminder of the affliction of Kashmiris. If we Pakistanis will not raise our voice for them, then who will? After all, it our moral obligation as well as a matter of survival for Pakistan’s own existence as Quaid-e-Azam had called Kashmir Pakistan’s jugular vein. How is it that the enemy is strangling our jugular and we remain silent spectators and willing victims?

In this dismal picture, the arrival on the scene of the first lobbying group for Kashmir in Pakistan is truly a ray of hope for Kashmiris all over the World. Since its launch three months ago, Youth Forum for Kashmir is actively promoting Kashmir cause in Pakistani Media and Social Media, and marks all national holidays by holding events that display support for Kashmiris. On this 27th October as well, young Pakistanis and Kashmiris came together in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Muzaffarabad to mark as Black Day the 66th anniversary of India’s criminal invasion and inhuman occupation of Kashmir. Pakistani celebrities and YFK members held a walk and session of Q&A for Kashmir in the heart of Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad. This was a message of hope from Pakistanis to the brave Kashmiri youth in Indian-occupied Kashmir who face the ruthless Indian occupation army every day. It is time that Pakistani leadership also ends its passive attitude and stands shoulder to shoulder with the Pakistani youth who are giving moral support and encouragement to Kashmiris.

It is high time also that Pakistani media plays its part in raising its voice for Kashmir dispute and demonstrating that they stand for Truth, Integrity and Justice and no amount of external or internal pressure can make them hide the plight of Kashmiris from the world. May the long night of oppression and torment in Kashmir, end soon.


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