Veteran Hurriyat leader seeks action against India for promoting politics of hate

Veteran Hurriyat leader seeks action against India for promoting politics of hate

By News Desk

Islamabad: Voicing his serious concern over the ever growing hate crimes against Muslims in India, the chairman Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) Mr. Altaf Hussain Wani has said that it was incumbent upon the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Gutters to take a strict action against the Indian government that has been practicing and promoting the politics of hate to achieve its divisive agenda.

“The new wave of xenophobia, racism and ever grown intolerance in India has become a great threat to the minorities in India especially the Muslims who have been facing the brunt of post-corona hate crimes”, the KIIR chief said adding that it was quite unfortunate that even in this epidemic of epic proportions minority communities living in India found themselves caught in a new cycle of violence. “It was quite unfortunate that a systematic campaign was launched to demonize Muslims by holding them responsible for the spread of coronavirus”, he added. He regrettably noted that the India’s ruling party the BJP was grossly involved in hate mongering that led to a spate of mob lynchings in India. He pointed out that a number of Muslims were burned alive in their homes or dragged out into the streets and lynched.

Citing the deadly impacts of xenophobia in the region he said that this religious racism was even prevalent in the Indian army. Referring to the situation in the Indian occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir the KIIR chairman said, “Killing of innocent civilians, torture, and humiliation, killing and maiming and mutilating bodies of the dead by the Indian forces are blatant examples of religious racism which occur with increasing and depressing frequency in the disputed territory”.

Appreciating the UN chief’s call for international action against those spreading hate speeches in the world the KIIR chairman appealed him to use his good offices to prevent Indian government from promoting anti-Muslim hatred in India and Kashmir. “It is high time to stand up against hate and hold accountable all those States involved in this crime”, Wani said adding that being guardian of peace and justice the UN has a moral responsibility to launch a full-fledged campaign against hate mongering states where minorities suffer the most.

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