How Pakistan’s ISI Supported The Bosnian Muslims Against The Serbian Atrocities

How Pakistan’s ISI Supported The Bosnian Muslims Against The Serbian Atrocities

Pakistan ran an active military intelligence program from 1992 until 1995 while the west continued it’s appeasement of the Serbian forces.

The military support was supervised by the then DG ISI, General Javed Nasir, a die hard patriot whose vision was to support the oppressed anywhere in the world. The program distributed and coordinated the systematic supply of arms to The Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war.

Nasir confesses that despite the UN ban on supplying arms to the besieged Bosnians, he successfully airlifted sophisticated antitank guided missiles which turned the tide in favour of Bosnian Muslims and forced the Serbs to lift the siege.

Pakistan declared in a meeting of Muslim countries at Geneva in July 1995 that the UN arms embargo was illegal. Farooq Leghari, then president of Pakistan, stated that ‘the Western policy of appeasement of the Serbian aggressors is not going to pay.’

Pakistan declared that it would provide weapons to the Bosnian government in spite of the UN arms embargo. Pakistan became the fourth largest contributor of troops to the 36000 UN peacekeeping forces in Bosnia and pledged to keep its soldiers there to protect Bosnian Muslims and confront the Serbs while France and other countries wanted to withdraw their troops for the safety of their soldiers. On July 26 1995, Pakistan sent another contingent of 180 troops to Bosnia for deployment under UN command.

It was the third Pakistani contingent to go to Bosnia during that month even though one Pakistani officer Capt Manzoor Ahmad of the Air Defense Command was among the more than 300 UN peacekeepers being held hostage by the Serb forces near Sarajevo.

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Cees Wiebes in his book, “Intelligence and the War in Bosnia, 1992–1995” wrote that “Pakistan definitely defied the UN ban on supply of arms to the Bosnian Muslims and sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles were airlifted by the ISI to help Bosnians fight the Serbs.”

John R. Schindler in his book ‘Unholy Terror: Bosnia, al-Qa’ida, and the Rise of Global Jihad’ wrote that ‘Pakistan’s notorious Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate violated the UN embargo and provided Bosnian Muslims with sophisticated antitank guided missiles.’

During the height of the conflict, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry evacuated many endangered Bosnians from the conflict areas who immigrated to Pakistan. The small nature of the program was mentioned and highlighted in the Pakistani drama, Alpha Bravo Charlie in 1998.

[Research by Fidato]

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