By Abu Luqman

Dear Mr. Narender Modi and Mr. Nawaz Sharif

I want to remind you that people of both the countries have given you an opportune time to work for the welfare of people, but it seems a distant mirage keeping the present pace of talks in view. I also want to remind you that you jointly fought the British and made your country free from such illegal occupation, of which the creation of Pakistan was a natural aspect, but unfortunately you are now rivals to each other. You are the offspring of the same mother (Indian Sub-continent) and people of both the nations expected a great deal of parental love from you. Given the whole scenario, there exists a piece of land otherwise known as paradise on earth called Jammu and Kashmir which has become the bone of contention between India and Pakistan. This paradise has suffered a lot starting right from 1931 when Kashmir first raised their voice against the then Maharaja’s terror and violence. Kashmir still remembers the tyrannical Dogra rule. I also wish to remind you both that Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru and Muhammad Ali Jinnah showed much love and affection towards Kashmir. I salute both of them, tall and towering personalities of the world in general and Asia in particular. They had benevolent and humane approach of solving problems.

When India and Pakistan became sovereign states in 1947 and broke free from the clutches of darkest period of slavery and exploitation at the hands of British imperialism, we celebrated thinking that our miseries will also be wiped out for good. But Alas! We landed in such a darkest and deepest trench of slavery, oppression, suppression and exploitation which even British would have never imagined. Till to date, more than 5 lac people of Kashmir have given their lives for freedom. Not a day passes when our beloved ones are not being killed. We are in complete state of mental trauma. Pain of Kunan Poshpora, Jammu massacre, Sopore massacre, Aaliqadal massacre and other infinite massacres which otherwise may truly be termed as genocide in Jammu and Kashmir, has left deep imprints in the minds of people of Jammu and Kashmir. My sincere and genuine request to both of you is that on humanitarian grounds please try to feel our pain and treat us as human beings. Once you resolve this dispute, you too will fall in the category of great leaders of the world. I wish India and Pakistan would become good friends and good neighbors. Since animosity has never gained over love; it will only consume your best available resources and that would be disastrous and catastrophic. In order to avoid this catastrophe, please come on the negotiating table to resolve the Kashmir issue once and for all and I assure you, both of you will be remembered for decades to come.