A Day Of Horror For India At UN: Indian Diplomats Left Speechless

A Day Of Horror For India At UN: Indian Diplomats Left Speechless

By News Desk

GENEVA/ISLAMABAD—Indian diplomats at the United Nations were left speechless on Tuesday under a barrage of accusations, backed by evidence, coming from exiled Kashmiri leaders who unfolded a horror list of things that India is doing and hiding from the world.

The day began when Syed Faiz Naqshbandi addressed the 30th session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. World diplomats and human rights activists were stunned when Naqshbandi mentioned a little known fact about Indian jails.

“More than 5,000 Kashmiris are languishing in Indian jails without trial,” Naqshbandi told the UN. This, he said, is in clear violation of the provisions of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

Indian diplomats had some relief after Naqshbandi’s speech as other rights defenders drove the discussion toward other pressing issues.

Then another Kashmiri from the Indian-occupied region took to the floor and startled the audience with another piece of information about India that few knew: the mass graves.

Altaf Hussain Wani’s presentation came as a surprise to many, since India uses its films and culture to conceal its dark human rights record. Wani, the convener of Jammu and Kashmir National Front (JKNF), reminded the world community that India was hiding another ugly secret: mass graves.

India is the only democracy in the world where mass graves have been found in areas where the Indian army has a large presence.

India was not cooperating with UN Special procedures despite repeated reminders from UN officers, said Wani, quoting official UN documents.

“The height of Indian arrogance is such that it had not replied to Working Group’s letter wherein serious concern was expressed regarding the continuing construction work on the site of a newly discovered mass grave,” Wani told the UNHRC. And despite a number of requests seeking a formal approval from the government of India, the Working Group on disappeared persons was not allowed undertaking a visit to take stock of the worsening human rights situation in Kashmir.

It may be recalled here that the Working Group emphasized the importance of preserving mass graves sites, including ensuring that an effective criminal and forensic investigation can take place and to take appropriate measures to assist victims to achieve truth and justice. The Working Group regrets that it has not received a reply to a letter, transmitted jointly with two other special procedures mandate holders on 23 January 2015, concerning the allegations of continuing construction work on the site of newly discovered mass graves. On the other hand the Working Group, on 16 August 2010, had requested an invitation to undertake a visit to the country. No positive response has been received yet in spite of reminders sent. The Working Group hopes that a positive reply will be received soon from the Indian government.

The Kashmir Delegation consists of Altaf Hussain Wani-Delegation leader and senior Kashmir freedom leader, senior APHC leader-Syed Faiz Naqshbandi, Sardar Amjad Yousaf Khan-Executive Director Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR), Ahmed Quraishi-Executive Director Youth Forum For Kashmir (YFK); an international Kashmir Lobbying Group, Prof. Shagufta Ashraf-human rights defender working with women & children and Zartasha Niazi-human rights defender.


  1. Maybe Kashmir is discussed again in the same UN and the world leaders too may register their protest. Then what? Isn’t UN ignoring its duties, as the dispute is already register in their book. Till date this UN had failed to serve its duties. I personally feel this is another futile exercise with lot of applause. As a kashmiri I am fed up now, I want solutions not discussion, I want see my youth happy, I want my wish to be full filled, I want to live my life with dignity, I want not to be a politicised, I want free Kashmir, free of shackles and boundaries, I want my sister to walk on roads with full confidence, I want not to be cajoled by wry faces, I want to be treated as a human being. Life in valley is waiting for all that to which life is entitled. Even I want India and Pakistan to be friends also prosperous. Stay blessed UN but serve the way you should!


  2. India should understand that showing their military mights and senseless encounter on Kashmiris and other North Eastern nations failed because it have to be tackle thro political dialogues to meet their political aspiration as envisaged in the guidelines of UNO .


  3. They replaced the CRPF ………..that was the reason behind the mass graves………….people cannot distinguish the army from the Para military and anybody in olive greens is consider Army……the paramilitary is nowhere even close to the army in terms of discipline and leadership…….hence the atrocities and brutality………….and the Army is sent to replace them and do damage control.


    1. Mass graves were found in the yards of camps which were occupied by BSF & RR. CRPF came only in 2003 & mass graves & disappearrances since 1947..mostly since 1989


    2. What damage control are you taking about. I don’t have to take you down into the annals of history to refresh your memory about countless atrocities committed by Indian army on the soul of kashmir. Be it enforced disapprances or custodial killings, is it army or para military forces who does these shameless acts. To enlighten you more about the coward and brutal execution of mass rapes committed by Indian army in kunan posh pora. Who will wipe those dirty spots from the so called men in uniform. There is more to it, but I feel it’s enough to make you realize about the truth behind the tainted uniforms. You can be good propagandist but truth can’t be hidden behind the viels.


    3. no dear, each one of them is brutal and better than each other in brutality against kashmiries, on the ground of Kashmir.


  4. Great job and thanks for invitation…by UN..one point worth to mention is unknown gunmen who killed every one whom they liked…india is hiding evils and highlighting virtues done in kashmir


  5. Indian Army r committing crimes on its own innocent citizen in the name of counter terrorist/insurgent operations under protection of draconian law, AFSP acts of govt. of India. This law is applied in the states of J&K and North East. Both the regions reported high rate of human right violations. But selfish, short sight leaders of GoI treat these regions step motherly. As power of the common people is eroded, these region always witness high rate of corruptions. The local leaders like the cashes that the GoI shower them & keep mum on the injustices done to the regions.


    1. Sorry, Kashmir is not a part of India as you mentioned, it is occupied by Hindu Going. If these were Christians, USA and allies would have liberated like in Sudan, East Temoor…etc


  6. Its not only with Kashmir issues that India is violating the human rights. In their own country tourists are killed in thousands every year and no proper investigations to these deaths ever takes place. These senseless killings continue year after year as nothing in ever done about them. The system has been created where the grieving relatives will never get justice for they lost loved ones. These cases qualify as a human rights violations committed by the government of India.


  7. good to hear abt it.but will it b effective.will UN bring some relief to Kashmir’s… a bigger question wch alwz remain unanswered.. hope it brings peace to valley.


  8. I am an Indian who is an migrant working and living abroad peacefully with many Pakistan Nationals. We want peace between India & Pakistan. Wrong things who ever does we do say wrong and admit it. We had lost almost a million or more lives from both the sides since 1947, still nobody could get any advantage of it. Let the Governments, Leaders and common people of both the sides should understand you cannot gain anything by killing these innocent people. Who ever taking part in terrorist activities from either sides must be punished and bring in front of law to not to happen it again. Let the values of Democracy and Freedom not to loose for the selfishness of few people who are in power or positions. Lets Love one another and live in peace in our homeland without fear, anxieties and worries.


  9. Very good news shameless terrorist racist extremist aparthrid face of India once again exposed before world community the bloody terrorist india is comiting henious crimes in kashmir like rape murder theft arson loot custodial killing. Shame terrorist india shame world should declare India a dreaded terrorist.


  10. UN has not filled it’s obligation towardz the kashmir issue and will not do so in future….why don’t we ponder at ourselves before knocking the doors of UN which would yield nothing …..itz we Kashmiri people who provide the legitimacy to Indian occupied kashmir while casting our vote…in large nos for mere petty gains….itz an open abuse to the martyrs blood who have laid their lives for the kashmir cause…Indian democracy is holding its claim over IOK on the basis voter turnout…. We need to introspect…..


  11. UN doesn’t care about India or Kashmir…if it doesn’t involve condemning Israel you’re wasting the UN’s time.


  12. I was born in India but have spent almost the last 4 decades living abroad. I have treasured memories of my childhood in India – where true friendships were formed which have lasted a lifetime. It NEVER mattered what religion one followed, what socio-economic class one belonged to, the colour of one’s skin or ones academic capabilities. All of us were friends – in the truest sense of the word “friend”. We laughed together, we consoled and helped each other and shared whatever we had; even our deepest fears and tumultuous joys. All of us were Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Jains, Buddhists and non-believers too. None of this mattered – we were committed friends who stood by and supported each other throughout life’s crests and troughs.

    When I read the very bitter, hateful and angry comments I am deeply hurt and disappointed. Let me tell you that I have been blessed to have many true childhood Muslim friends who I respect and adore. Some live in Pakistan too. We would, today, give up everything we have to help each other. And many have done this – repeatedly and to this very day.

    The anger, threats and bitterness displayed in the comments I have read come from totally unenlightened persons who do not seek solutions but are determined to let the anger, threats and bitterness ferment within their souls. And this is a sad state of affairs. There is no effort to resolve an issue but a dogged attempt at fanning the fire of hatred and intolerance.

    I appeal to all people of goodwill to try and break down the barriers and walls which have been built around us by vested interests and try and recreate the peace, harmony, trust and goodwill that we have always had between us in the past. Ignore the hate-mongers, the politicians, the so-called militant “religious” fanatics etc. – for they are the scourge of mankind. Devoid of hatred, anger and bitterness our peoples can, together, be an example – a beacon of light to the rest of this fractured and tormented world.


    1. I fully agree with your views but sadly it has all changed more so since BJP supported by other fascist parties took over headed by a PM with criminal past.It is a country now cow is more precious than life of a dalit or a muslim


  13. Kashmir is the replica of ” Palestinian ” in East. It will continue to burn and butchered till “Hindurastra” is created including other geographical area as part of ” Akhanda Bharat “. No amount of discussions, activism etc is going to save it. The solution lies some where beyond and we refuse to recognize it.


    1. It’s the Kashmiris being killed by Indian forces, If Kashmir is part of India why successive governments keep on killing its own citizens. Mass graves are one of the testaments of Indian Stat’s brutality and warrants trial for crimes against humanity.

      Liked by 1 person

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