Three Day International Allama Muhammad Iqbal Conference concludes today in Islamabad

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Three day international Allama Muhammad Iqbal conference organized by MUSLIM institute concluded today. The conference was proceeded by scholars from eighteen countries including former Deputy Speaker National Assembly, Faisal Karim Kundi, Somalia’s Minister of Education Mr. Abdurrahman Dahir Osman, former Prime Minister of Sudan, AlSadig Abdelrahman AlMahdi, Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali,  Director Dr. Karim Ahmed Ifrak from France, Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqui, Prof. Muhammad Ayub Sabir, Dr. Basira Azizaliyeva from Azerbaijan, Dr. Zhou Chuanbin from China, Dr. Irina N. Serenko from Russia, Prof. Piotr Kłodkowski from Poland, Former Ambassador Ahmad Mohammad Al Shafi from Sudan, Dr. Alan Godlas from USA, Dr. Mahmad Kodabaccus from Mauritius and Prof. Mehmet Gormez from Turkey.

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This comity of scholars not only enlightened august audience but also presented research papers which will explore new avenues of research and development of Iqbal’s philosophy throughout the world. Speakers observed that Iqbal is not only the thinker of Pakistan but of entire humanity. It was Iqbal’s powerful message which gave inspiration to Tajik youth and they succeeded in securing their freedom.  Speakers lamented that the elimination of corruption and poverty was one of the precepts of the ideology of Pakistan and we are still unable to curb this menace.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal, one of the most prominent persons in the 20th century in the Islamic world, is the moral founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Indifference towards the national purpose, selfish motives and corruption are wide spread. To overcome this challenge, Iqbal’s philosophy should be acted upon. Iqbal’s philosophy of Khudi aims at strong personalities, according to Iqbal, “Out of the plebeian material, Islam has formed men of the noblest type of life and power”. Strong personalities are dedicated to promote the national purpose. The whole nation should struggle to achieve the national goal through Islamic democracy. Islamic democracy ensures freedom, equality and solidarity. Although Iqbal supports democracy but at the same time he is strictly against the prevalent liberal democracy. Democracy without spiritual guiding principles is not more than the rule of the jungle.

Lack of understanding Iqbal’s message is due to absence of the introduction of Iqbal’s work at primary, matric and inter level. It is the sole reason that most of our youth is unable to understand and propagate the message of Iqbal. We have to introduce substantially Iqbal’s literature in our curriculum. Iqbal’s stature is such towering that he is even source of Pakistan’s recognition in other countries so Government of Pakistan should restore Iqbal Holiday.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s legacy has a planetary dimension, as it belongs not only to the Pakistanis and Muslims but to humanity round the world. His philosophy and poetry is filled with peace, love and human brotherhood have succeeded in building a bridge between East and West. We may consider him not only as a spiritual founder of Pakistan, but as a founder of the socio-cultural links between the East and the West. Main features of Iqbal’s literary works and views are the Man and his sublime essence, the relationship between man and society and humanism. Message of Iqbal provides us an opportunity to bridge the gap between different civilizations. Humanity needs universal norms and values. In this respect, universality of Iqbal’s message is of pivotal importance. Iqbal’s message has such a force and power in it that even a single couplet of Iqbal’s poetry can revolutionize an individual.

Scholars should do more work in their respective universities on Iqbal. Iqbal’s philosophy needs more attention. Such conferences inculcate a sense of inspiration in our youth. Speakers urged the need to organize such events on regular basis. The conference provides an opportunity for researchers to explore various dimensions of Iqbal’s philosophy.

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