No room for war between two nuclear armed nations – DG ISPR

By News Desk

Islamabad – Pakistan once again made it clear on Thursday (27th February 2020) that the armed forces will respond to any misadventure by India in the future as well.


Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) directorate, Major General Babar Iftikhar in his maiden press conference on the first anniversary of ‘Operation Swift Retort’ which resulted in the downing of two Indian planes, that had violated Pakistani airspace on February 27 last year, warned if Pakistan’s sovereignty is challenged, the country will respond with full force.

He said that Pakistan was taking the recent threatening statements by the Indian leadership very seriously. “We are aware of all covert and overt operations of our enemies and are prepared for all scenarios. Pakistan’s civil and military leadership is very much aware of the game being played by India,” he added.

He, however, said there is no space for a war between two nuclear powers because it will have uncontrollable consequences. “If there is a war in the region, there will be far reaching consequences,” he warned. He said the region cannot afford any war. Therefore, he said, Pakistan has always adopted the path of peace. Nonetheless, the armed forces of Pakistan are ever ready to respond to any aggression.

“If there is a challenge to Pakistan’s security, we will respond — do not test our capability and resolve,” he warned.

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