The Upcoming Great War And Policy Options For Pakistan

The Upcoming Great War And Policy Options For Pakistan

By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

The well-known Islamic scholar and expert in the field of Islamic Eschatology, Sheikh Imran N. Hosein is currently visiting Pakistan. I happened to watch his analysis about the Great War that is coming and how Pakistan should respond to it, and I was reminded about what Prof Moiz Husain had said during one of his workshops that I attended.

Prof Moiz Husain is a well-known and the most successful mind sciences guru in Pakistan. He narrated to us that how he had once offered his services, free of charge, to the Pakistan Army to teach RV (Remote Viewing) to a group of selected men, but they had not taken it seriously. He had learned RV from Major Ed Dames in the U.S., who was assigned for over two years to the U.S. Army intelligence unit that utilized Controlled Remote Viewing as a data collection tool. The US Army had successfully used RV during the Gulf War to locate where the enemy had stored weapons with the accuracy rate of more than 90 %. They continue to use RV, ESP and other mind sciences to their advantage and are continuously making new discoveries in the realm of mind sciences.

Recently, the British Ministry of Defence also hired Charley Moley, a lucid dreaming expert, to treat PTSD in the war veterans. Why am I citing these examples? I strongly believe that any military can be aided immensely in their geopolitical and military strategies by taking help from mind sciences and spiritual intelligence. In Pakistan, unfortunately, we tend to ignore them as useless things and wastage of time.

After watching this 3-part analysis of Sheikh Imran N Hosein, I firmly believe that Pakistan Armed Forces and the government of Pakistan can benefit from this spiritual intelligence which is the result of a long and hard study of Quran, eschatology and a keen understanding of the geopolitics of the region. Here is a brief summary of the advice and forewarning he has given to the authorities in Pakistan:

  1. Establish strong military and economic alliance with Russia.

  2. Establish strong ties with orthodox Christians. They will ally with Muslims in the End of Times at the time of Christ’s Second Coming.

  3. Modi’s India (not India) is hell-bent upon a war. Therefore devise a strategy to educate the masses in India and explain to them that Pakistan is not their enemy. Ensure that Modi’s war-mongering government does not stay for a long time in India.

  4. Declare that Pakistan recognises the fact that absolute truth is located in the Quran.

  5. Pakistan should know that it poses a problem in the transition from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica. Israel wants to replace the US as the next ruling state of the world and the biggest hurdle in achieving this is Pakistan. Their enemy number one is Pakistan so they will make every effort to eliminate it.

  6. There will be a 3-pronged attack on Pakistan from the US/NATO, India and Israel with the aim of denuclearising it. As soon as the Great War starts, Israel will launch an attack on Pakistan and it will have the support of Modi’s India and NATO.

He also said that he had further advice but he would prefer to give it in private. Let’s hope that the analysis and forewarnings reach the concerned parties in time, and even more importantly, that they are able to act accordingly.

Do we need a reminder that the Jews study all the Ahadith about Imam Mahdi, Ghazwa-tul-Hind and End of Times more thoroughly than us Muslims? Why do they need to do that? In order to formulate their geopolitical and military strategies accordingly. It’s time we too learn and benefit from Islamic wisdom and spiritual intelligence.

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