PM Imran Khan: Pakistan does not have the option of complete lock-down

By News Desk

PM Imran Khan’s addressed the Nation today (30-03-2020) to give updates on efforts being made to counter the Coronavirus. He said that Pakistan does not have the option of complete lock-down.

25% of our population is below the poverty line. If we opt for a complete lockdown, we do not have the mechanism to cater them.

The example of our neighbouring country is in front of us. India imposed a lockdown without thinking it through. Their people are immensely suffering and their PM had to come forward and apologize for taking a decision in haste.

Pakistan announced a relief package of 8 Billion USD whereas US announced 2000 Billion USD relief Package, they have such financial resources but we don’t. However, our two strengths are Faith & Young Population.

We are going to prepare a volunteer Tiger Force which will help us in managing the crisis if we will opt for a complete lockdown. This force will be responsible for delivering food and basic necessities at the door step of effected people. They will also assist our army & police in managing quarantined facilities, identify needy people, and help spread awareness and much more.

We are also setting up Prime Minister Corona Relief Fund. It will be operation from 1st of April 2020. The fund will be utilized to provide our less privileged people with food & similar basic necessities

In addition to this, State Bank of Pakistan will give cheap loans to those businesses who will not fire their employees during this crisis.

The relief work will also run under Ehsaas program. In addition to Ehsaas’s financial assistance program; we will open a registration which will work in two folds. People from humble background can register themselves as well as Donors. Ehsaas will connect the two – the donors will be able to see in which areas, donation is needed and they will be able to help in a direct and fraud-free manner.

Government has started a crackdown on hoarders and a very strict action will be taken against hoards.

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