Pakistani Dossier Exposes Indian Terrorism in Pakistan and Kashmir

Pakistani Dossier Exposes Indian Terrorism in Pakistan and Kashmir

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The Foreign Office of Pakistan has said that Pakistan will continue exposing India and will not let the world community be misled by Indian propaganda. In a statement on Tuesday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri urged the world community, including the United Nations counter- terrorism mechanisms, to act on the dossier presented by Pakistan with incontrovertible evidence of Indian State- sponsorship of terrorism.
Regarding the reported briefing to a group of foreign envoys at the Indian Ministry of External Affairs on the so- called attempted terrorist attack in Nagrota district in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the spokesperson said that the Indian government has escalated its anti-Pakistan campaign, marked by false narrative, concocted evidence, and orchestration of false flag operations.
About the atrocities being perpetrated on defenceless Kashmiris can be brushed under the carpet by India. Kashmir is the core issue yet to be resolved amicably in the light of UN resolutions. It has spawned regional instability and the threat of nuclear strike is imminent. The tragedy of the Kashmiris is the blatant and collective failure of the international community to uphold the fundamental principled provision of the UN Charter and the bending resolutions of Security Council on Kashmir. UN is oblivious on the issues of Palestine and Kashmir. These are two long standing issues on the agenda of UN.
The question of these two issues is not a question of victor or vanquished. It is the test of commitment to the abiding principles of the UN Charter, based on the inherent dignity of an individual, and respect for fundamental human rights of all humans including their right to Self-determination. It is mentioned with heavy heart that UN is a plaything in the hands of America. And America is a toy in the hands of Israel. America is least bothered in the plight of the Muslims as it is under the stone wall of the  Jewish lobby.
Being a super power, to maintain peace in the Middle East and South Asia, America must play neutral, transparent, impartial and positive role. The Americans are a civilized and democratic people but the ruling class for petty political gains is the tight and tenacious clutches of the Jewish lobby. President Donald Trump was a staunch supporter of Israel and India. But the Muslims have no hope from the new democratic team that will come to power under the leadership of Joe Biden. We can only try to harness the fast pacing steed. The Vice President Elect of America Kamala Harris, recently, in an interview announced full support for Israel. Instead of announcing to implement the UN resolutions on Middle East conflict and resolve the issue of Palestine amicably in the light of UN resolutions and OSLO Pact, she justified Israeli State Terrorism. Her background is Indian. What the Kashmiris can expect from her? Justice or Injustice? The question is self evident.
Two State Solution is the only solution of the Palestine- Israel dispute. Similarly, the fate and future of the Kashmiris is adhered to the UN resolutions on Kashmir. India should be pressurized to hold fair and free plebiscite in Kashmir under the auspices of UN. OIC countries must sever the diplomatic relations with India and put economic sanctions on India.
India is an aggressor and has violated the UN resolutions but shamelessly boast, brays and brags to be the champion of secularism and democracy. The fascist regime of Modi has totally distorted and disparaged the previous image of India. It is the moral, human and political responsibility of the Indian National Congress and all enlightened people of India to launch a gigantic movement to end the government of Modi.
The Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Babar Iftikhar has rightly said that Pakistan has exposed Indian State sponsorship of terrorism in its dossier containing incontrovertible evidences. In an interview with Global Village Space, DG ISPR said that this dossier has exposed New Delhi’s nefarious designs at the international level.
Responding to a question about how the world reacted to Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan, the DG replied: ”After Pakistan’s dossier, the world now is openly talking about India’s sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan.”
He further said that the dossier also contains details of the violations of human rights in Kashmir. New Delhi is on back foot after August 5, 2019. The issuance of this dossier is a great achievement by our Foreign Ministry. It is suggested that this dossier should be provided to all Pakistani embassies and widely spread in all concerned quarters.
We need a speedy and spiral movement to mobilize the world opinion against Indian aggression and terrorism in India and Kashmir against Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits. India is impelling regional peace and disturbing strategic balance through acquisition of arms and military capabilities beyond its legitimate needs.
On the pretext of self construed threat from China, India is blackmailing America. Earlier, India blackmailed Soviet Union against America and Pakistan and connived against Pakistan. Soviet Union always used Veto power on the case of Kashmir and succeeded to put it on back burner at the behest of India.
Now, India is blackmailing America against China and Pakistan. The CPEC plan is only an economic plan. It is a welfare plan for the economic prosperity of many countries. It is neither a military plan nor a political plan. It is a baffling and bewildering situation for Indian demonic fest and she is all out to misguide and misinform her masters again this peaceful plan. It is a blatant fact that the Pakistan and China relationship is contributing to the regional peace and stability. India is trying to hoodwink the world by fake and false furores and fears. She intends to side line the world attention from aggression being perpetrated in Kashmir.
The democratic world must take cognizance of the brutal suppression of Kashmiri’s rights and freedom in utter violation of international laws and conventions. The world community must use all tools at its disposal to hold India accountable for its serious crimes against Kashmiris. The Dossier issued on Indian sponsorship of terrorism in Pakistan is a sharp two edge sword that will pierce the Indian pride into pieces.

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