An Independent-Minded PM Replaced By A Motley Group Of Criminals, And All By Design – Shireen Mazari

An Independent-Minded PM Replaced By A Motley Group Of Criminals, And All By Design – Shireen Mazari

By News Desk

The former Minister for Human Rights and firebrand speaker in the National Assembly of Pakistan, Shireen Mazari took to social media to talk about the importance of civil-military harmony in a democracy. She was responding to the recent rumours about the former Prime Minister Imran Khan that he was too independent-minded for the Pakistani military leadership. This is what she had to say:

A lot of confusion is unnecessarily being created over civil-military relations. Let’s get some facts clear. In a democracy civilian supremacy is the norm but for the state to function effectively there must be civil-military harmony.

I have always been known as a hawk on military matters and I carry that label with pride because I believe in a strong military capability for Pakistan, especially Full Spectrum Deterrence. However I also believe strongly in democracy and civilian supremacy as envisaged in our constitution.

So let’s be clear. There is no arrogance in a PM appointing CMs of his choice – in fact it is his prerogative. Just as it is his prerogative to advise President on selection of the 3 service chiefs, it is PM’s prerogative to select DGI. Advice on military appointments always rightly sought from military.

Under Articles 243 and 245 our armed forces constitutional role is clearly defined so if military assists civilian leadership in performing its tasks then it helps foster harmonious civil-military relations. Help in getting through important legislation fosters strengthening civil-military ties.

However there have been times when critical human rights legislation our government was committed to, was derailed too! Incidentally interesting to know that politicians who abused military ad nauseam are kosher now that they have been brought in through US-instigated regime change conspiracy!

But then why are so many young and old Baloch especially still being “disappeared” or arrested on charges of being anti-state?   Also it seems the known corrupt mafia politicians, despite massive evidence, are also washed clean after a US stamp of approval!

Question: Why should it concern the military leadership if relations between government and some of its ruling party legislators are temporarily strained? This should only be a cause of concern for the ruling political party and its leadership. So washed clean after a US stamp of approval!

Perhaps the most ironical fact is that the US-instigated regime change conspiracy comes at a time when economy is stabilising and recovery was visible; when we had controlled the covid pandemic; when remittances and tax collection were rising; when universal health care was in place.

But this was also the time Imran Khan was charting an independent foreign policy; when he had given a clear “absolutely not” to US drone bases; when Imran Khan was making the West uncomfortable for bringing together Ummah and UNGA against Islamophobia; the Russia trip was just too much Pakistan independent for US!

So conspiracy was being hatched – many local abettors in which US has invested here – and the cipher reflected this categorically. US-instigated regime change conspiracy to bring a corrupt political mafia in power that would be subservient to US interests.

Now that has happened. An independent-minded PM who vowed never to make his nation bow before any temporal power has been replaced by a motley group of corrupt criminals. It has been done by design – there was never nor is there any neutrality on display here.

IHC was opened late night simply to hear a petition premised on presumption that COAS may be removed by then PM Imran Khan! Seriously! Why? It is for the nation to decide if Imran Khan let them down and that is through elections, not through US-initiated regime change conspiracy.

Salute to all our soldiers, LEAs, civilian martyrs who continue to lay down their lives to keep our nation secure. Salute to our people who have come out to reject an ‘imported government’ thrust on Pakistan through a US-initiated regime change conspiracy. Pakistan Zindabad.


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