Seminar On Diamond Jubilee Of Pakistan Emphasises Relations With Central Asian States

Seminar On Diamond Jubilee Of Pakistan Emphasises Relations With Central Asian States

By News Desk

Lahore – MUSLIM Institute organized a seminar on “Diamond Jubilee of Pakistan and Pakistan’s Relations with Central Asian States”. Dewan of Junagadh and Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Pakistan Yerzhen Kistafin, Former Foreign Secretary of Pakistan Shamshad Ahmed, Department of History and Pakistan Studies, Punjab University Lahore Professor Dr. Mahboob Hussain participated in the seminar.

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On this occasion the speakers felicitated the entire Pakistani nation on the completion of 75 years of Pakistan’s independence. While addressing, the speakers specially highlighted Pakistan’s special relations with Central Asian states. The speakers said that trade and in many other important issues can be boosted with mutual cooperation in these Central Asian countries. Central Asian states can be included in CPEC under China’s One Build One Road project, which will not only benefit Pakistan but also boost the trade of these countries.

Peace is indispensable for the promotion of trade; therefore, all countries should make joint efforts to restore peace. Speakers said that there is a historical relationship between Pakistan and Central Asian states. Based on this historical relationship, the vision of the founder of Pakistan was that geographically, Pakistan’s face is towards Central Asia and its back is towards India. The way of development and economic prosperity of Pakistan opens from here.

The speakers also emphasized that Pakistan and Central Asian countries have a large youth population. This potential can be further enhanced by promoting public relations and people to people contact. All countries should work together to promote tourism and cultural heritage. In this regard, an easy visa process should be ensured so that tourists do not face any difficulty in traveling to other countries.  Exchange of students in the academic department and special chairs can be established in universities in this regard. Scholarships can be provided to students in various universities.

The speakers further stated that the region will benefit from improved relations between Central Asian countries. A country’s expertise in any field can benefit other countries. Apart from this, mutual cooperation can be made possible in many other sectors. Various political and social personalities, professors, doctors and a large number of young students were also present in the conference.


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