On the Need of Positive Pakistan

On the Need of Positive Pakistan

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

The only solution to make our country a strong country is to educate our people and create social and political awareness in them. Only by eliminating negativities and promoting positivity, we can make Positive Pakistan.

The organizers of Positive Pakistan invited me in a Zoom conference to address and give my suggestions about Positive Pakistan. This group consists of some retired civil and military high officials, who are patriots and have serious concerns about the solidarity of Pakistan. Some other intellectuals also excellently gave very positive and fruitful suggestions on this topic. I was a key note speaker and was asked to discuss the issue in detail. I owe great gratitude to this group for inviting me and giving me an opportunity to talk on such matters of immense importance. I would very briefly put down my address for the general benefit of my country men. I discussed some points and shed light on them in detail. They are:

1- The Issue of Youth

Our youth is very intelligent and diligent but they are roaming in a desert with our any plan and destination. They are frustrated and every young guy wants to leave Pakistan and settle down in America or in Europe. The reason is self- evident. They don’t get good jobs after completing their education. Then they also feel depressed because of social taboos and evils which are not found in the West. They think their future is dark in this systemless and lawless country. The onslaught of Western culture has adverse effects on our ideology as well. We have to inculcate in them patriotic spirit and introduce the ideology of our founding fathers Dr Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam, which is enlightened and progress approach to Islam. Our youth must take part in social and political activities as their participation in these health activities will enliven their spirit and infuse in them the spirit of bravery, confidence and commitment to Pakistan.

2- Population Explosion

In 1947, Pakistan was dismembered. West Pakistan had sixty million population. Now in 2022, our population is two hundred million. What an explosion of population. Thomas Malthus says, when we don’t control population, then Nature in the shape of floods, earthquakes, famine and drought control the population by destroying them. We have to control it by educating our public on this disastrous issue. Only two children in one family are ideal. Eighty percent population is illiterate and poor and they have no social sense. Besides, moral persuasion, the government should pass law as the Chinese did to control population. Illiterate people do not understand the language of reason, they understand the strike of rod. Where reason fails, rod succeeds.

3- Health Care

In Pakistan, there are no proper health facilities. In the government hospitals, poor people are treated like animals. The senior doctors and specialists of these government hospitals do not attend common patients and have opened private clinics and earn millions per month. It is my considered opinion that Health Care must be nationalized and all citizens must be provided health facilities. No compromise on this national issue. Many poor people die without getting medicine and proper treatment. Hearth care has become an advantageous profession. There is no other way to stop pillage and plunder at the hands of doctors but to nationalize Heath care.

4- Education

Education must be our priority. At present, we have three educational systems. The poor kids study outdated syllabus in Urdu medium schools. Their standard of education is in an abysmal condition. This system produces peons and clerks. We have English medium schools. These are very costly schools. It is like to run amuck. We are involved in this system as it provides guys good at modern scientific education. This system produces civil and military bureaucrats, scientists and enlightened youth. I support this moderate and modern scientific system as it is the need of time. But, I want to see all our children getting benefits of this modern system. Then , we have a third system and that is of religious seminaries. This ecclesiastical mode of education is very hazardous as it produces sectarian fanatics. In this education system, we are producing sectarian zealots and narrow minded clerics. Even, the suicidal bombers are the product of this system. It needs to be reformed. To control religious extremism, the government agencies must take serious notice.

I feel it pertinent to opine that these three systems will never make Pakistan a Positive and Progressive State. We need one education system. Education must be nationalized like health care. All Pakistanis must have one curriculum. Science and Islamic education must be compulsory. The religious education in seminaries must be banned. Their foreign aid must be disallowed and stopped. Unless, we nationalize education and provide one syllable for all, the dream of unity and solidarity will never come true.

5- Feudalism

The Quran says: “Land belongs to God”. In another verse the Quran declares: “All treasures of the heavens and earth belong to God”. Dr Allama Iqbal in his poetry and the Father of Nation Quaid- I- Azam in his speeches had candidly declared that Feudalism would be abolished. The first Prime Minister and leader of India Mr. Nehru abolished feudalism in India in 1951. In Pakistan, Field Martial Ayub Khan and Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto introduced some land reforms but did not abolish feudalism. According to one report only 25 families own the eighty percent land of Pakistan. Their families were the touts of the British colonialists. They still rule over Pakistan. All land must be confiscated. No one can possess even a small piece of land. Land belongs to State. The people having no chunk of land to make house, must be provided plot free of cost by the state according to the saying of the holy prophet of Islam. Recently, besides feudal lords, we have produced a new coterie and gang of land mafia. The arid and barren mounds are being sold in millions. House building societies are acquiring land from villagers on cheaper rates and building houses and selling them in millions. These buildings contractors and land owners have become the wealthiest class of society and are influential in society and government circles. They have promoted land cruiser and gun culture. These illiterate people have become the members of parliament and senate, hence total ruination of Pakistan.

6- Police, Civil Administration and Judiciary

People have lost faith in these three sensitive departments. One feels sorry in saying that these departments are badly involved in corruption. Our civil bureaucrats think as they are the successors of the British colonialists. They are government servants but they behave like rulers. The simple reason of their snobbish attitude is that the majority of our public is illiterate and poor. Besides, majority of our politicians is of rich class but most of them are not properly educated and give undue importance to bureaucrats. Our judicial system needs reforms. When police and judges receive bribes, then how you can run that state? Pakistan will never become Positive Pakistan without purification of these contemptuous departments.

7- Hereditary Politics

The alien rulers have left Pakistan but have also left their stooges and successors. The feudal lords and the capitalists dominate our politics. Our people are illiterate and poor. They cast vote to the elite class. Besides, being a political and social evil, our people are the victim of inferiority complex. No poor person accepts any other poor person as his leader. If a person sitting in a bullet proof land cruiser along with a number of body guards visits them and seeks their support, they will welcome him. On the other hand, if an educated and honest poor person visits them in a hired taxi or small vehicle and begs votes, they will laugh at him and curse him for taking part in politics, as politics is the game of the rich and rascals. They will call him a mad man. Under the circumstances, we have to educate our youth and people to revolt against hereditary politics.

There are many other sections and sectors that need reforms. But one point is the most important and essential to make Pakistan a solid and positive state, is to explore and expedite our natural resources. We have minerals, oil and gas, fertile land, rivers, educated people and specialists in different fields and four weathers, but we don’t have honest and visionary leadership and also we are not an educated nation. Then what to do? The only solution to make our country a strong country is to educate our people and create social and political awareness in them. Only by eliminating negativities and promoting positivity, we can make Positive Pakistan. We have to struggle for democracy, social justice, moderation, tolerance, rational and scientific attitude, peace and progress.


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