Straight From The Heart – June 2014 – Editorial

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear readers,
Assalam u Alaikum.

The attack of 8th June on Karachi International Airport has once again shaken the nation, forcing it to wake up to the fact that Pakistan is in a state of War! It is not a conventional war but an asymmetrical, urban 5th Generation War which has encircled Pakistan with its deadly tentacles. These attacks are part and parcel of proxy wars which aim to increase Pakistan’s isolation by creating chaos and discouraging International Airlines to fly to our airports. TTP and their “Jihadi” brothers have as usual claimed responsibility of the attack but the noteworthy point is that the weapons and injections used by Indian Army were discovered from these terrorists. One wonders whether the paid servants of India in Pakistan’s government and media will still try to fool the nation in the name of “Aman Ki Asha”? The sophistication of the weapons recovered in the attack makes it evident that whoever the terrorists were, they had strong foreign backing and assistance. Even in 2014, Pak Army still has no rocket launchers with night vision devices but these attackers were equipped with NVD fitted rocket launchers.

Pakistan’s media has also proven once again that it cannot be trusted to stand with the nation and the armed forces in the times of war. Our media reported recklessly on movements of commandos and soldiers at the airport due to its ratings and breaking news syndrome. It was height of idiocy that jeopardized the lives of the security personnel. Electronic media’s coverage was actually helping the terrorists, which forced the ISPR to give a statement that live coverage from inside the airport should be stopped as it was hindering the operation and giving away the position of the troops. On social media also, some very prominent journalists played an extremely negative role and spread disinformation in their tweets saying that up to 8 airplanes were destroyed. The fact is that ASF and Army responded most professionally and not a single airplane was destroyed or hijacked by the terrorists. Some critics of Pak Army said that it was unable to capture any terrorist alive. It should be remembered that no army in the world, no matter how well trained and equipped it is, can stop an attacker who comes in without an escape plan. The moment these mentally sick, brain-washed suicide bombers are challenged, they blow themselves up which makes it next to impossible to capture them alive.

This attack is also a brutal reminder to all those who supported the so-called “Peace Talks” with the Khawarij of TTP. They should have supported Pak Army in crushing this menace and eliminating terrorism when it badly wanted to do so. Sadly, our elected leaders did nothing to end terrorism in Pakistan and fell for TTP’s bluff which was only a gimmick to gain time and regroup. Now they are attacking our beloved country with full force but it is high time the nation comes together to eradicate the cancer of terrorism once and for all. Let us pray for the success of “Zarb-e-Azb” and show the world that the nation stands behind our Pak Army and all its true Mujahids.

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
June 2014.