Dewan of Junagadh’s Statement On Anniversary Of Inclusion Of Junagadh In Pakistan’s Map

Dewan of Junagadh’s Statement On Anniversary Of Inclusion Of Junagadh In Pakistan’s Map

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Special Statement of Dewan of Junagadh State Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali. One year has passed since the inclusion of Junagadh in the map of Pakistan

Dewan of Junagadh

4th August marks the day when Government of Pakistan released its new political map last year showing Junagadh as its integral part. On the occasion, Dewan of Junagadh State Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali hailed the steps taken by Govt. of Pakistan and said that including Junagadh in Pakistan’s new political map has infused a new spirit into the case of Junagadh. It has given a new ray of hope to the Junagadh community. It has also paved the way in reviving the issue internationally.






Nawab of Junagadh


Nawab of Junagadh Nawab Muhammad Jahangir Khanji is leading the cause of Junagadh. He said that they are determined to take their due right from illegal Indian occupation. Occupied Junagadh and Kashmir represent worst examples of colonialism even in 21st century. Furthermore, these are incomplete agenda of partition of Indo-Pak subcontinent. International community has to step forward for resolution of such issues for sustainable peace in South Asia. He further said that just like Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, diplomatic efforts should be accelerated to highlight the issue of Junagadh worldwide.

He further emphasized that Instrument of Accession and other historical evidence clearly justify Pakistan’s stance on the issue of Junagadh. However, it is very unfortunate that the case of Junagadh has not received due attention. We urge the international community especially the regional powers to give Junagadh its due right by practically completing the accession of Junagadh to Pakistan. As in the legal domain, it is already a part of Pakistan and it will remain as Pakistan.

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