Straight From The Heart – May/June 2015 – Editorial

Straight from the heart!
Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Dear Readers


The month of June brought forth disturbing news of detention of Zaid Hamid, a well-known Pakistani analyst, in Saudi Arabia. It was distressing news for his friends and fans in Pakistan who had been passionately following him on social media and had also watched with interest his geopolitical strategic analysis on TV.

It is Zaid Hamid who had discussed every issue that could be relevant to Pakistan: from Economic Terrorism to 5GW to fake vaccination campaign, there is not a topic that Zaid Hamid has not highlighted.  It is he who had first raised the issue of water shortage in Pakistan that was being created by India. It is he who revived Allama Iqbal in Pakistan’s youth. Without any doubt, he is a patriotic son of the soil.

The most worrying aspect of his detention in KSA are the rumours that are being spread on social media, which are also picked up by mainstream media and propagated without any proof. Although he was on Umrah, some dodgy website posted the news that Zaid Hamid had ‘made a speech’ in KSA which had offended the Kingdom. The website also propagated the news of 8 years of imprisonment and 1000 lashes!

This shows how the media reports and works in Pakistan. All mainstream media channels just jumped on this fabricated information and announced it as if it was the confirmed truth. This created panic and anger in tens of thousands of Zaid Hamid’s followers around the world and Foreign Office of Pakistan later had to issue a statement that there was no confirmation of any such punishment.

Detention of a Pakistani citizen by an alien regime should not be taken as a petty issue. No foreign regime has the right to detain any Pakistani without any charges. If any country is offended by someone’s views, they should deport that person. This illegal detention of Zaid Hamid by KSA is a matter of Pakistan’s sovereignty. The way Pakistan’s government handles this issue, will set a precedent for future. No undesirable pattern should be set.

I stand with Zaid Hamid. I stand with those ten thousand Pakistanis that are rotting in jails of Saudi Arabia and are not being offered fair trial, which is the right of every human being! This act by a ‘brotherly Muslim country’ has really bowed our heads in shame. I hope and pray that this July brings the good news of Zaid Hamid’s safe return to his homeland, Pakistan. Ameen.

Stay blessed.

Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi
June 2015