YFK Reiterates Its Support For Kashmiri Brethren On Kashmir Solidarity Day

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Youth Forum For Kashmir (YFK), Pakistan’s first pro-Kashmir youth-led lobbying group has reiterated its support for its Kashmiri brethren on Kashmir Solidarity Day by organizing a seminar at National Press Club, Islamabad. Speakers representing different walks of life were invited at the event.

Moderator of the event was Executive Director YFK and renowned journalist Mr. Ahmed Quraishi. First speaker of the event was Mr. Khwaja Sohail, MNA from MQM, he was of the view that despite six decades, the UN Resolutions on Kashmir were still waiting implementation which was a failure at the part of the UN itself. On the other hand he also opined that Pakistan has also been not able to effectively take up the Kashmir issue at the international level.

Another MNA from MQM, Mr. Iqbal Muhammad Ali said that the resolutions passed by the United Nations were of immense importance as they provided the foundation for Pakistan’s case on the issue of Kashmir. He said that Altaf Hussain, the Founder of MQM has always reiterated that only the people of Kashmir should be the one to decide their fate. The recent referendum in Scotland was an example of the fact that if people there can be given the choice to decide with whom they want to live, then why the Kashmiris can’t get the same thing.

Adviser to PM AJK and the President of Peoples Youth Organization, Sahibzada Zulfiqar thanked the Pakistanis for their support for their Kashmiri brothers and sisters and said that till Kashmiris get the Right to Self-Determination, their struggle shall continue. He said that PPP had a long ideological commitment towards Kashmir and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto talked of fighting a war for 1000 years with India on that.

Shaista Safi, a refugee from Indian-occupied Kashmir said that at a very tender age she had to learn the meanings of words like exile and migration. They were not able to contact their loved ones in events of death and merriment. However, their Pakistani brothers and sisters became their second family and fully supported them.

Representative of JKLF, Mr. Saleem Haroon quoted two incidents which described the intense love of Kashmiris for Pakistan. In one  case a young boy sold his only goat to come to Azad Kashmir and in one case a father was the policeman from Indian police and his son was under arrest in jail because of supporting freedom struggle and was denying even to eat anything. That gentleman’s name was Nur Muhammad Kalwal. This depicted sheer love of Kashmiris for Pakistanis.

Founder of Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party (JKPP), Sardar Khalid Ibrahim, said that for the issue of Kashmir, both Kashmiris and Pakistanis have made enough sacrifices. Pakistan has fought three wars and Kashmiris have sacrificed 100,000 lives. He said both shared a unique bond of love for one another.

Mr. Fayyaz Ali Mustafai, a young Kashmir Students leader stressed the need of effective representation of Muslim countries to take up the issue of Kashmir internationally.

Saiyyed Abdullah Gilani from APHC drew the attention of people towards the evil design of BJP of changing the demographics of the valley of Kashmir. BJP has decided to settle the refugees of West Pakistan there and give them citizenship so that Muslims can be later turned into a minority. He said that BJP was a Hindu extremist party and its anti-Muslim agenda is not hidden from anyone. Gujarat massacre itself was an example.

Representative of the Muslim Institute, Mr. Tahir said that the recent visit of US President Obama to India was indicative of the changing regional dynamics. India was insistent of declaring Kashmir a bilateral issue and when it came to that, it compelled Pakistan to do trade first.

The speeches of speakers were followed by a very healthy and informative questions and answers session. Hence the event was ended on a very positive note.

The YFK is a grassroots lobbying group led by young Kashmiris and Pakistanis working to ensure justice to Kashmiris living under Indian military occupation.

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