At UN, Kashmir Gets Closer To Venezuela

By News Desk

UNITED NATIONS, GENEVA—Representatives of international powers at the United Nations in Geneva witnessed an interesting moment during the 36th session of UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) when the top diplomat from Venezuela and representatives from Azad and Indian-occupied Kashmir met in front of the full glare of international community.

The foreign minister of Venezuela stole the show during the Council session. Young and dynamic, Mr. Jorge Arreaza walked into the hall to defend his country in the face of criticism by the UN on how his government is handling the opposition and constitutional reforms.

As he left, he ran into Sardar Amjad Youssef Khan from Azad Kashmir, and Syed Faiz Naqshbandi from Srinagar. Khan and Naqshbandi are attending the UNHRC session as part of a Kashmir Delegation, lobbying the world on the situation in disputed region.

“Foreign Minister Arreaza was gracious. He met us and gave us a few minutes from his schedule to discuss Kashmir,” Naqshbandi said.

“Venezuela has supported Kashmir in the past,” Sardar Amjad said, adding that he and his colleague from the Indian-controlled part wanted to thank FM Arreaza for Venezuela’s support for the freedom struggle in the past.

Both Naqshbandi and Khan did not elaborate on what the Venezuelan foreign minister said.

The United Nations has made history by breaking its decades-long silence on Kashmir in September 2017. The Kashmir Conflict is now part of the top policy agenda of the UN Human Rights Council, whose 36th session is currently underway in Geneva. A Kashmir Delegation is attending the session. Its members are drawn from Azad (Free) Kashmir and the Indian-occupied part.

YFK–International Kashmir Lobby Group (Youth Forum For Kashmir) is a non-partisan, international non-governmental organization, working for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir Conflict in accordance with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolutions.

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