12 Quotes By Holy Prophet (PBUH) That Will Make You A Better Person

12 Quotes By Holy Prophet (PBUH) That Will Make You A Better Person

Prophet Muhemmed (PBUH) was undoubtedly the most intelligent, intellectual man who ever lived. He left his philosophies for his Ummah, us, to follow and skim through the difficulties and challenges of life.
Universities and intellectuals from all over the world have accepted Prophet Muhemmed (PBUH) as the most knowledgeable man who walked the face of the Earth – his theories, his quotes, his philosophies from centuries ago have started to come true as science goes to the next-level.
This is a list of Prophet Muhemmed (PBUH)’s quotes about living a life that will pile up to eternal peace for us and the rest of humanity.
Don’t just read, act upon them too.

education for men and women
1. The Prophet (PBUH) always emphasized on education, both for men and women.

kindness and forgiveness

2. Kindness and forgiveness – two traits our Prophet Muhemmed (PBUH) was renowned for.


3. When the Angels asked Prophet (PBUH) if He wanted them to silent His oppressors.. He chose mercy over anger.

control anger

4. The Prophet (PBUH) believed in control over anger, the tongue and mind.

trust Allah

5. Trust Allah, but tie your camel; the message here is clear as a crystal. Help yourself, for Allah to help you!

greatest jihad

6. He believed in Jihad, but his concept of Jihad was rational and not hypothetical; Jihad against evil inside your mind, heart and soul.

sick and needy

7. To the Prophet (PBUH) the sick and needy were the closest. His admiration for people in need speaks volumes for his classic character.

modesty adorns

8. The Prophet (PBUH) believed in living a decent, modest life.

wealth soul

9. The richer the soul, the greater your wealth – in abundance for the Hereafter.


10. “Patience is a virtue.” – This is what the Prophet (PBUH) said centuries ago.


11. A life of simplicity, living as a stranger, a nomad and a traveller; where you don’t hurt others with your acts.

be good to women

12. The Prophet (PBUH) strongly believed in love, affection and care towards women. A man who hurts the women close to him is not a man of dignity.

Share these quotes by Prophet (PBUH) with your friends and family, for guiding a brother/sister is a great act of virtue. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

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