We Will Not Allow You To Take The Teeth From Our Snake-eaters!

By Khalid Muhammad

This news had been breaking across social media for the last 24 hours and we held our comments because we were furious that this was moved in the ‪‎Senate‬.

As if the Muppet Zardari had not done enough damage to Pakistan’s statehood during his term in government, now he has orchestrated a move that Nawaz Sharif has wanted for years, especially since he came back into power in 2013 – a political head of the region’s most powerful intelligence organization, Pakistan’s ISI.

Now, let’s go backwards in history to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s term as Prime Minister/President of Pakistan. He was the first to introduce a political cell within the ISI framework.

The ISI resources were unfairly used by different political governments to silence any opposition and help to bring people to the ruling party’s side. Reference the Asghar Khan case where the Supreme Court found that ISI money was used to influence an election unfairly… the biggest recipients of the monies – Nawaz Sharif and Javaid Hashmi. Thus far, not one person has been sentenced to jail time or asked to return the funds back to the country. So much for justice in the country’s courts.

Musharraf eliminated the political cell within the ISI. Zardari, during his entire term as President, made many statements, along with former US ambassador Hussain Haqqani, to reel in the power of the ISI, but to no success.

Nawaz has wanted to restart the political cell since taking oath as Prime Minister in 2013. He has made many overtures and attempts to do so, but was not able to convince the Army command that this was a good decision.

In walks Mr. Zardari, fresh off the defeat in Sindh with the Rangers, to give Nawaz his assistance again. Zardari would like nothing better than the ISI, a purely military organization, to be brought under civilian control. What he forgets is that no where in the world is a military intelligence organization answerable to civilian leadership. The CIA, MI5, and MI6 are all civilian intelligence organizations. And anyone who knows espionage will tell you that the CIA collapsed when they stopped promoting former intelligence operatives to the director’s chair.

This cannot be allowed to happen to our premier intelligence service. The FIA, CIA, IB and many other civilian intelligence institutions have failed miserably in protecting the citizens of this country from corruption, terrorism is a dream for them. The role of the ISI is much more significant that controlling the opposition party members for the sitting government.

We will not allow you to take the teeth from our snake-eaters.

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