Tribute To Hero Of Siachen Col. Zafar Abbasi By His Son

Tribute To Ghazi, Col. Zafar Abbasi By His Son


By Shan Bin Zafar Abbasi


Father, who was loving all his life

Was a gentleman to his wife

So simple, so light, like a kite

Such peaceful, that he hated strife


Was good at hiding his pain

He kept on smiling like rain

To bless us with all that was good

He just gave us all he could


He was a soldier, to beat some cold

Nothing is impossible, he just showed

He loved his parents like gold

He’s still very young for those old


He was quiet, most of the times,

As he was still at the mount he climbed

Lost half body in nation’s care

Never saw him missing a single prayer


He set an example for you Shan

Read the way, he read Quran

Walk a mount, to feel similarity

When you miss him, just give some charity