Palestinian Ambassador To Pakistani Youth: ‘Pakistanis And Palestinians Are Brothers’

By News Desk

Islamabad: Members of State Youth Parliament met Palestinian Ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Walid Abu Ali at the Palestinian embassy today. The ambassador enlightened the members with the history of Palestine and said that the 15th of May 1948 is the Nakba Day for the Palestinians, because that is the day when the state of Israel was created by the British. The Independence for Israelis is ‘Nakba’ (meaning ‘catastrophe’) for the Palestinians. That is the time when Palestinians became refugees and have been suffering under Israeli occupation for the last seven decades.

The ambassador said that he could understand the impact that youth forums like SYP can have because in the 1960s when he was a student, it was the student organizations that lent strength to the Palestine cause. The student union was the umbrella that accommodated Palestinian leaders of PLO. Israel was created with full support of UK and since that time the rights of Palestinians have been violated. They were pushed to leave their own homeland. At that time, around half a million Palestinians were registered as refugees because they were forced to leave their homes. Majority went to Jordan; many went to Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

The ambassador said that Israel maintains military superiority over all Arab countries because they do not just want to control Palestine but the whole Middle East region. The first and the last enemy in the eyes of Israel is Muslim Ummah. They try to improve their military capabilities and want the Muslim countries to fight each other so they cannot get strong. We as Muslims are losers and Israel is the winner. 

He also said that, “We (Palestinians) are the biggest Arab community in Pakistan and the most of them are students who are getting education in different universities of all provinces of Pakistan besides the capital city. Pakistan has always provided opportunities to the Palestinian students and they are given equal treatment like their Pakistani counterparts.

The Palestinian ambassador asked the members of the SYP to look after their Palestinian colleagues. He also said that Pakistani youth could contribute towards the Palestine cause by keeping the Palestinian issue alive. He said that when the Israeli rockets were bombarding Gaza in 2014, many Pakistanis came to the Palestinian embassy as they wanted to go and fight the oppressors and defend Palestine. He realized that this was a difficult thing as Pakistan is too far from Palestine. The Palestinian issue is one issue that unites all political and religious parties in Pakistan.Pakistan has always showed support for Palestine and Palestinians.

When a student leader from Balochistan asked the ambassador why the OIC had not accomplished anything regarding the Kashmir and Palestine issue, he replied that the OIC is limited in what it can do; within the OIC they have their own political agenda. It was supposed to represent the Muslim Ummah but unfortunately each one of a Muslim country is fighting another Muslim country. He said that the Palestinian issue could only be resolved through unity amongst Muslim Ummah.

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