Well Attempted Faiz!

By Eiman Malik

Sister of Lt. Faiz Sultan Malik Shaheed S.Bt.

“We die so you may live.” The diary of Lt Faiz Sultan Malik Shaheed S.Bt starts with these words that reflect the spirit of sacrifice that this brave soldier had in his heart. It also shows his intuition, devotion and dedication. It appears that he had decided earlier in his life that he will illuminate the motherland with his blood. The news was not shocking for us that Allah honoured him with status of being shaheed. He had to do it. His whole diary is the embodiment of true feelings and love for Pakistan, which has been published by name of “Akhri Das Din” (Last Ten Days).

This promising son of Chakwal was born on 3rd Sept. 1985. His mother used to feed him always after taking ablution (wazu). That’s why ALLAH the Almighty endowed him with distinguished virtues of patriotism and loyalty to nation. He was fearless and courageous and was very fair in his conduct. He got special blessings of Almighty to cope up with all challenges with special kind of courage. Everyone came close to him because of his sterling character and other qualities of head and heart.

Lt. Faiz obtained education from Military College Jhelum, which is known as nursery of brave and professional soldiers and later on passed out from Pakistan Military Academy (115 PMA L /C) with flying colours as he was an Under Officer at PMA. Lt. Faiz was great admirer of Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah; one day our brother told us that he was preparing for the Day of Judgment when ALLAH the Almighty shall address Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam with the words “Well done Jinnah!”, then he would also like to be addressed with the words by the Almighty “Well attempt Faiz!” His whole life was replete with such things that distinguish him from others as well as reveal that he had intuition regarding his final destiny. His whole diary is testimony to it. He wrote in his diary; “We stay awake on the borders so that you (the countrymen) enjoy fearless sleep and when we sleep, we sleep with souls at rest. The country is proud of us.”

He sent a text message to his mother before his shahadat, “I left home in khaki and came back in sabaz hilali….I have lost nothing but got everything that I desired”, which is displayed with his photograph on the wall of Army Recruitment Center Rawalpindi. This passionate son of soil told to his mother in his last telephone call, “Ammi! Being daughter-in-law of a soldier, wife of a soldier and mother of a soldier, if you ever get any sad news then Ammi Jan stand firm like the mountain of patience.”

Lt. Faiz was resolute in his mission to eliminate the enemies of this nation with his full might and vigour. He volunteered for “Operation Sher Dil” at (Mohmand Agency) and prepared himself well with weaponry as per need of the hour. His determination to serve his motherland reached apex when he led his men with exemplary motivation and successfully got control of two mountain tops, named Zaray Sar and Sur Qammar from where the terrorists used to control whole of Mohmand Agency.Lt. Faiz rescued an injured soldier as well. This determined son of MCJ remained cool and perfectly compact while going through all difficulties in order to achieve his goal of shahadat.

On 11th June 2009, at the time of Asr, Lt Faiz Sultan Malik embraced shahadat on spot by utterance of final words “Allah-o-Akbar” and received 22 bullets in his chest, and 35 terrorists were reportedly killed in this operation. His body remained there on mountain slope for two days due to fierce fighting with terrorists. On 13th June 2009, his parents received his jaside-e-khaki wrapped in sabz hilali, with salute and with the words of” SHUKAR ALHAMDULLILAH”, which depict zenith of their Eeman. That day his words were echoing in our minds again and again; “The flag of Pakistan is available on shops everywhere. Anybody can purchase it. But what actually is matter of great importance and real satisfaction, when PAKISTAN itself confers it upon someone.”

He is buried in Chakwal. With yellow marigold flowers grown naturally on his grave, people are often seen offering Fateha there. Subhan’ALLAH! He advised us (his sisters) in his last phone call; “Now stop praying for yourself, as Pakistan is the first priority, so pray for Pakistan and not for your own selves. Everyone will get everything, only, if it remains”.

What a great guarantee was always given to me by my great brother, with these words, “No one can eliminate PAKISTAN, because we are there to defend our homeland until a single soldier is alive.” He fulfilled his commitment by laying down his life. PAKISTAN is indeed proud of him and the whole nation is proud of brave sons like Lt. Faiz Sultan Malik Shaheed S.Bt. Our great shuhada will remain a beacon of light for others to follow Insha Allah! Pakistan Army zindabad! Pakistan paindabad!

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