Shot Gun Shells, Not Pellets, Being Used In Kashmir By Indian Army

By Ali Hassnain

Let me start by saying it’s a war crime by any definition and one day everyone from those who ordered it in Delhi and those who carried out would answer for their crimes in a court of law.

In the Nuremberg trials it was established that carrying out orders of a superior is not an excuse when committing crimes against humanity.  International Court of Justice refuses to accept the plea that “we were following orders”. When you fire on innocent people you are guilty.

And the Indians have invented the Pellet gun lie. Outright lies and blatant propaganda, I don’t have any other words. Pellet gun, what the hell is a pellet gun? It is Air Gun and pellets are commonly known as “Charra”. Air gun pellets differ from bullets and shots used in firearms because of the pressuresencountered: airguns operate at pressures as low as 50 atmospheres. Air gun is also called BB gun and is often use for recreation or by jeuvenlie offenders who take joy rides. It is a pneumatic weapon, meaning it is a weapon that fires a projectile by means of air pressure, similar in principle to the operation of pneumatic tube delivery systems. The term comes from a Greek word for “wind” or “breath”.

Pellet have many kinds, most of them are fairly non-lethal, although not ALL the time. Because Air pressure is to be used, it has a limited range and limited velocity hence damage. However at close range they can cause even lethal injuries. I know someone who was hit accidently at point blank range and had to go through surgery.

These are some types of pellets.

The whole point of Air/pellet/BB gun is that no explosive is used to discharge the projectile.

Shotgun is also called spread gun because it spreads the metals shots in the shell.

Here for example is #8 shells which is used to hunt birds?

shell 8

Indian media has invented a new term which is a classic example of propaganda and disinformation. They are trying to spin it as use of light force like water cannon, even baton charge or tear gas.

What they are actually using are shots from 12 gauge shotgun.

Indian media can spin in whatever way they like but its outright massacre and ethnic cleansing. They are firing shotgun shells at peaceful protesters.

It’s not “pellet guns” as spun my Indian Media, its outright shoot at sight by Indian army. Countless have lost their sight. Thousands suffer from wounds and permanent injury and tens have lost their lives.

Countermeasures have not been deployed yet but non-violent options are running out fast. Crowds can use telephone diaries to block some of the shells (yes it works at times). Have strong wooden shields. But they are passive measures. Home-made helmets can be useful in peace protests. However it is to be noted that Kashmiris have an inalienable right to freedom, right to Liberty, right to follow their religion and the right to decide their own destiny under the UN resolution. They are forcing the peaceful Kashmiris to take up arms. Use of force on peaceful protestors didn’t work back in the 1980s and it would not now.

The silence or ceremonial condemnation on the joint punishment imposed to sins that were never committed is appalling. Our dear US and EU would sooner or later have to weigh between siding with humanity or exploitation of cheap Indian Labour. The other day I was watching this Indian movie on Kashmir where a Kashmiri man says, ‘I am here, I am alive, this much freedom is enough.’ That is the way they want to keep Muslims in India in general and Kashmir in specific; as second class citizens, in a life under occupation. In the same movie he goes on to say

Doodh mango gay to kher dain gey

Kashmir Mango gay to Cheer Daeen gey

I can only reply to them in their own “Bhasha”:

Gujarat Naheen Kashmir hey yeh

Tirshul ka Jawab Shamshir say dain gey

Har Zakhm Bolay ga, har Zulm Pukaray ga

Takheer e hukm hey magar

Har tareek raat par sehr lazim thehri