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Speakers at a seminar held by Muslim Institute urged the world community to give due attention to the grave situation in Indian occupied Kashmir. Flagrant violations in Indian occupied Kashmir and brutal actions of killing and injuring innocent Kashmiris by Indian occupation forces need immediate attention. The research based think-tank, MUSLIM Institute, organized a seminar in Islamabad titled “Bleeding Kashmir Seeks World Attention” to analyze prevailing situation in Kashmir, to convey the perspective and viewpoint of Kashmiri people to the world and to draw the attention of world community towards this issue.

While Ch. Muhammad Barjees Tahir was chief guest of the session and, Lt Gen (R) Senator Abdul Qayyum Malik, presided the session, Ambassador (R) Masood Khan, Ambassador (R) Inam Ul Haq, Ghulam Muhammad Safi, and Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali spoke on the occasion. Mr Lars Rise, former parliamentarian Norway, Sara Flounders, Co-Director IAC USA and Victoria Schofeild British author shared their views through video link.Speakers said that current situation in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir is agonizing and painful.

It is a fact that Human Right violations by Indian occupying forces are being carried out for the last seven decades but in the last three weeks, a new black chapter of Human Right violations by Indian occupied forces started when protests broke out due to killing of a young Kashmiri Burhan Wani. It is due to oppression that any such incidents escalate wide spread protests in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The torture on Kashmiris, blinding of people attending funerals, rape of women, killings and maiming, abuse and humiliation has become routine of daily life in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

The use of steel pellets, officially a ‘non-lethal weapon’ in India, is blinding Kashmiri youth. The medical aid to severely injured Kashmiris is not being provided and even ambulances are blocked and injured people are being denied timely treatment. It is need of the hour that there should be access of international aid agencies to save the young injured persons, many of whom are in danger to lose their eyesight due to severe injuries from pellet guns. European delegation has called IOK as beautiful prison.India instead of implementing its promises made with Kashmiris and the international community has always tried to suppress the Kashmiris’ voice through military power. It has tried to declare Kashmir as its integral part by holding rigged elections and portraying them as alternate of plebiscite. These elections have been strongly rejected by Kashmiri masses.

According to the United Nations resolution Kashmir dispute is an international issue and future of Kashmir is yet to be decided. Furthermore Indian designs are intended for demographic changes in Kashmir which are illegal under international law and are widely condemned by Kashmiris, Pakistan and many international scholars. Pakistani flags on the occasions of public protests and funerals of martyrs are open message to India. Pakistan is raising the Kashmir issue on international level but people of Pakistan and government need to do more to highlight Kashmir issue on all available platforms for its peaceful resolution. Pakistan foreign office and Kashmir committee should play their role in this regard.

The access of impartial organizations and media in IOK has been restricted by Indian authorities to hide the ground realities.Telecommunication, newspapers, internet services are suspended by India in the IOK so that the world cannot come to know about the true picture of Indian atrocities. In order to justify its illegal occupation and human rights violations by its forces, India has tried to malign the freedom struggle of Kashmiris with terrorism but Kashmiris’ struggle is a genuine freedom movement which aims to exercise their right of self-determination based on unanimously passed United Nations resolutions.

The message Kashmiris want to give to the world through their struggle is clearly the freedom from illegal occupation and to exercise the right of self-determination which is voice of every conscious Kashmiri despite of any distinction of race or creed. The security of South Asia is on stake due to this very grave issue and without resolving it, durable peace in the region cannot be achieved.Fact finding missions should be sent to the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir to unveil the Indian war crimes and human rights violations. Speakers urged upon Islamic countries and OIC to play an effective role in this regard. The international organizations for human rights should utilize their resources and efforts to make draconian laws in Kashmir null and void.