The Doctrine Of Offensive Defence And Indian Defence Minister

Parallel lives of Indian defence minister

A boy was born in Goa, He was named Manohar Parrikar. He joined the RSS (Saffron terror outfit) at a tender age. Soon he rose to the rank of “mukhya shiksha”  or “Chief Instructor”, teaching young men to fight Muslims, with the cover of self-defence against Pakistan or Muslims, with sticks or hand to hand combat. That was his secondary life. In the meantime he graduated in metallurgical engineering. Immediately after graduation he became the local director of the Hindu militant organization at 26 while maintaining a private business to support himself.

He was elevated to the political wing of Sangh Parivar (part of RSS family) the BJP (Formerly known as Bhartya Jan Sangh). In his own words, he learned “discipline, progressiveness, gender equality, equality of all before the law, nationalism and social responsibility from the RSS”. Notice the “Gender equality” version of Hinduism he learnt and the caste system, which is racism at its worst. He is a known preacher of RSS, starting indoctrination of young children.

RSS training


Recently RSS Chief of Goa, Subhash Velinger has complained that Manohar Parrikar has broken his trust (the ‘do more’ doctrine). Pretty self-explanatory I would assume. Someone wake up the government in Pakistan please.

At age 39, riding on the post Babri mosque wave of Hindu nationalism he became the member of state legislative assembly (1994). He then became CM of Goa for a few months, using his influence to change 51 schools to “Vidya Bharti”, the schools RSS uses to indoctrinate children. He served for three more years as the CM of Goa after his first brief tenure,  2000-2005. After achieving nothing impressive he was elevated to the role of Indian Defence Minister when Modi rose to power.

It is for you to decide, whether his degree had anything to do with it or his services to the saffron terror.

Such is the state of affairs in India when 330 million people suffer from serious drought. This defence minister is a heavily indoctrinated Hindu militant who has no agenda but to destabilize Pakistan with the help of his team consisting of rag tag RSS militia and retired and serving Indian intelligence and Army Officers related to the Saffron Terror.

Such people understand the doctrine of offensive defence, and we should have an aggressive defence minister. A master strategist who understands the problem well, perhaps someone like General (r) Pasha or the person himself. India has an unconventional untrained defence minister, let’s put a professional in front of him. Someone who knows how the dice is rolled.