Kashmir And Balochistan: What The World Does Not See

By Syeda Qudsiya Mashhadi

Kashmir is now in the world focus like never before due to Kashmir freedom movement’s ‘poster boy’ Burhan Wani’s death at the hands of Indian (so-called) security forces. Soon after his martyrdom, protests and clashes between angry Kashmiri youth and CPRF erupted all over the valley. Social media was also quick to catch up with the fervour and since 8th July 2016 there have been many hash tags have trended in support of Kashmir and against the brutal and inhumane HR violations in IOK.

I observed an interesting phenomenon during this time. The Indians on social media instead of replying to questions about Indian brutality in IOK, started ranting non-stop about Pakistan’s Balochistan province, as if the situation there is similar to IOK! How Balochistan popped up in this equation is beyond any sane person. The Indian arguments are so senseless and illogical that one is astounded at the sheer audacity of people who lie blatantly and confuse the world. It is a distraction tactic at its best and the government of Pakistan would be foolish to take this matter of Indian meddling lightly.

The world needs to understand that Indian obsession with Balochistan is mainly due to one reason: to divert world’s attention from Indian occupation and oppression of Kashmiri people.  Due to the unusual Indian interest in Balochistan, I was not surprised when Quetta shook with a bomb blast on 8th August. Indian sponsored TTP attacked a hospital killing more than 70 people and injuring more than 130. These kind of attacks are a double-edged sword used by India where they achieve both their objectives:
1) Divert world attention from atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
2) Make a hue and cry about situation in Balochistan, equating it with Kashmir crisis and cite Pakistan as an unstable state shaken by terrorism, terrorism for which India is responsible in the first place.

The fact of the matter is that Baloch people have rejected Indian sponsored ‘Sardars’ and Indian proxy BLA. Pakistan’s Independence Day this week was a great display of the love the Baloch people have for Pakistan. Quetta was the greenest on this 14th August as there were Pakistani flags everywhere, in rallies, on streets, on houses and buildings. Even the bomb blast of the previous week had not tainted their spirits.

Rationally speaking, I don’t know why I even need to write this and tell the world that Baloch love Pakistan, because that is how it is supposed to be in Balochistan; it is just like any other province of Pakistan. It is not a disputed or occupied territory like IOK, as India would have the world believe. Yes, it has been the least developed province of Pakistan, but even that is changing now since the work on CPEC started. After completion, the Gwadar port in Balochistan is also going to be a game-changer in the region and that is one more reason for India’s menacing and destructive plans for Balochistan.

India somehow has to prove to the world that all is not well in Pakistan and they are going to any length to achieve that. It is an undeniable fact of history, and all students of history know it, that India has never accepted the existence of Pakistan since the day of its inception. India has tried its best to de-stabilize Pakistan, break it and isolate it politically and economically from the world. It is also a documented fact of history that RAW and KGB played a very big role in the creation of Bangladesh, the former East Pakistan.

The problem with Indian rationale now is that India thinks she can play the same game in case of Balochistan and separate it from Pakistan just as she did in the case of East Pakistan. What India fails to realize is that there was a great physical distance between West and East Pakistan; the number of Pakistan Army soldiers was also lesser than the Indian Army and there were many other factors involved too. This is not 1971 and also Balochistan is geographically and ideologically aligned with Pakistan. Yes, India has been successful to some extent in plaguing Balochistan with terrorism but she cannot change the will and hearts of the people.

People in Balochistan took to streets and reacted very strongly to Narender Modi’s speech on Indian Independence Day this week where he talked about assisting the ‘Baloch freedom movement’. A picture speaks a thousand words and these pictures from Balochistan show the world the reaction of Baloch people who have rejected Modi’s agenda for Pakistan.

Here is another example that shows how the Indian media is a tool in the hands of Hindu extremists and Indian establishment, and how they openly, blatantly lie to the world about Azad (free) Kashmir and Balochistan. In their blind hate for Pakistan, they call Azad (free) Kashmir as POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) when the fact is that the people in the Pakistani part of Kashmir call themselves ‘Azad’ (free). They have independent government, have their own PM and President and are happy with their political status. The world must come and see before blindly feeding on Indian propaganda.

Now coming to the instance of Indian lies:

False reporting by Times Now India

False reporting by Times Now India

The man in the picture above is Sardar Khalid Ibrahim. He is the son of Sardar Ibrahim Khan who was just 33 when he raised an army of 50,000 volunteers in Poonch to fight the Hindu Dogra regime of Kashmir on 15th October 1947. His army defended Poonch from the Indian troops and formed the ceasefire line between Indian and Pakistani Kashmir. He actually fought against India to liberate Kashmir. Now this is the best part: India is showing the picture of this great freedom fighter’s son in supposedly an anti-Pakistan protest! Sardar Ibrahim Khan is called father of Kashmiri freedom struggle and the Indians are showing him as an anti-Pakistan campaigner. Open lies by India as usual. ‘Times Now’ of India played the entire world for a fool but that should not come as a surprise when even the Indian PM is blatantly lying to the world on Kashmir. This is just one example of false reporting by India.

Now let’s come to those Baloch Sardars who India claims are demanding freedom in Balochistan. By doing even a little research, one learns very easily the source of funding of the these Sardars who are living in self-imposed exile in Europe and who even travel on Indian passports. It’s an open secret that Brahamdagh Bugti, Mehran Marri, Hyrbyair Marri, and the likes of Tarek Fatah and Mama Qadeer, all are on Indian payroll. This is their worth is Balochistan province:

Posters against Brahamdagh Bugti in Balochistan. On one poster it is written 'Death to Brahamdagh Bugti'

Posters against Brahamdagh Bugti in Balochistan. On one poster it is written ‘Death to Brahamdagh Bugti’

A video of Brahamdagh Bugti came out this week where he is all praises for the Butcher of Gujarat, aka the current Indian PM Narender Modi. Bugti seems to be reading from a script given to him by his Indian handlers. Now watch the video of Bugti’s right hand man denouncing him. Watch the rebuttal from the Bugti tribe Brahamdagh claims to be leading and the people he claims to be representing:

I invite the world to come and see and observe the facts yourself. Go to Indian Occupied Kashmir, visit Azad Kashmir and Balochistan too. Just do not blindly believe Indian lies on Balochistan and Kashmir.

Pakistan says it will welcome UN in Pakistan administered Kashmir but it is India which is blocking UN inquiry in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Isn’t this enough indication to the world that India has something (actually a lot) to hide? Modi and his team of media propagandists should be embarrassed now, but conscience is required for that, which they clearly don’t have.

There are human beings like us who are being butchered, tortured and raped every day in Indian Occupied Kashmir! It is time the world ends its silence and prove that humanity is not dead, yet. Yes, India is a big economy and a big market for the world but it is time to prove that economic benefits mean less and human life means more to us.

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