Determined Kashmir

By Zaman Bajwa

Unrest in Indian occupied Kashmir is not a new phenomenon. It has a very long history, which is even older than early independence era. From the first day of this movement, people are demanding the right of self-determination. They are ready to sacrifice their lives, wealth and everything for freedom. Up till now 94466 Kashmiri people have lost their lives in this conflict; it’s not only a matter of lives but it also destroyed the basic structure of the valley. Total number of shops, houses and public properties which have been destroyed by the Indian occupied forces is 106071, and this puts a direct effect on economy of Kashmir.

India quit Kashmir

Death of young social media activist Burhan Muzaffar Wani by Indian army started a new uprising in Kashmir. Kashmiri youth and children are on the streets from the last 46 days. They are asking about the blood of Innocent Kashmiri people and their Right to self-determination according to the resolution of United Nations as promised by India.

continued killings in Kashmir

The Modi government has turned a blind eye to this issue. Instead of listening to the voices of Kashmiris, India is suppressing them by force. They are using every means to stop them from their demand of basic human rights. Indian Occupation Army is involved in inhumane torture in Kashmir. They are using pellet guns and tear gas to disperse young protesters. According to the official statement of the Indian police they have used 3000 cartridges of shot gun pellets in recent days. More than three hundred Kashmiris have lost their eye sight due to these pellet guns and the numbers of injured persons are in hundreds. The medical situation is very critical in the valley. Due to 46 days of curfew there is lack of medicine, food and milk. In this emergency situation India is not ready to allow the world aid organizations to work in Kashmir. United Nations also showed its concerns about the worsening and alarming situation in Kashmir and requested India to grant permission to the UN observers to see on ground circumstances. But it is rejected by India.

Kashmir wants freedom

People of Kashmir are determined about their freedom movement and are waiting for human rights organizations to feel the pain of Kashmiris and fulfil their responsibilities. Kashmir is waiting for the day when United Nations will force India to stop human rights violations in Kashmir and listen to the voice of people and fulfil the promise of referendum according the resolution of UN.