Please Stop Discussing Why Pakistan Was ‘Created’ And, Please, Move On!

Pakistan Is Here. Please Stop Discussing Why It Was ‘Created’ And, Please, Move On!

By Ahmed Quraishi

I am sick and tired of seeing reputable Pakistani publications and respected Pakistani writers discussing, in the year 2017, why Pakistan emerged seventy years ago!

The story of Pakistan’s rise as an independent nation should be a CLOSED CHAPTER now. Pakistan is, and that’s all that matters. Pakistani intellectuals should stop debating and discussing why Pakistan became independent. Please move on.

Repeatedly discussing why Pakistan emerged and whether there was another way, is tantamount to continuous self-doubt. It means that Pakistan’s existence somehow remains debatable.

No, it is not debatable. I am not interested in those details even as a history subject. Those details are not necessary. Instead of continuing to discuss it in today’s newspaper articles and magazines in Pakistan in 2017, our intellectuals will do better to write on the future of Pakistan in the 21st century and beyond. They can write on solving our social and economic problems (today the managers of a Sufi shrine in rural Punjab killed 20 innocent Pakistani citizens who were exploited by the so-called religious figures they trusted. Exploitation of poor Pakistanis, that’s an issue).

Students in colleges and universities should question their teachers why the rise and independence of Pakistan is being discussed even now. Why not focus instead on celebrating how we’re moving forward? How about celebrating how the 5th and 6th generation of Pakistanis today is more integrated in every respect — linguistically, culturally and economically — than our ancestors were at the time of Independence?

The rise and Independence of Pakistan is a closed chapter. I refuse to discuss it. You should too. Look forward, not backwards.

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