The new world order should help disenfranchised people in Kashmir and Palestine: President AJK

By News Desk

Lancaster; November 21: President Masood Khan, speaking here at the Global Futures Department at the University of Lancaster, has said that the rule of law should be respected and promoted at the international level to resolve festering disputes.
Speaking at the prestigious university on Global Governance and World Peace, the President said instead of power politics, the new world order should help disenfranchised people in Kashmir and Palestine.
The President said that in the absence of a dialogue process on Kashmir between India and Pakistan, as well as total inaction by the United Nations, there was a serious risk of a devastating war between India and Pakistan because both were nuclear states.
The President said that there should be a clear distinction between self-determination and secessionism. “Kashmir he said is a case of self-determination”.
The President Masood Khan said that the global governance needs new legal and institutional tools to deal with asymmetric warfare, terrorism, violent extremism, intrastate and regional conflict s, and achieve Sustainable Development Goals. “To maintain peace and stability, global governance and international law should be made a global common”, he said.
Sustainable development, he said, provides the way forward. For that our collective effort, he said, should be to make climate change a priority and make our planet more responsive to environmental challenges.
Earlier, President Masood Khan met the Pro Chancellor of the Lancaster University, Dr. Steve Bradley, and invited him to visit Azad Kashmir. He explored ways to link up Azad Kashmir’s universities and the Lancaster University through exchanges between faculties and students, especially in the disciplines of economics, management, and environment.

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