Nawaz Sharif has always played on Pakistani wicket as an “Agent of International Establishment”

By News Desk

Disgraced ex-PM of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif whose political career is witnessing an inevitable death, shocked Pakistanis with a statement about Mumbai Attack of 2008, which he gave in an interview to Dawn News on 12th May 2018. Moeed Pirzada, a senior political analyst in Pakistan, expressed his views on this national debacle in a social media post:

“What is Nawaz trying to achieve? – Nawaz’s comments regarding Mumbai attacks have no factual value. He was not Pakistani’s PM in November 2008 but an opposition leader who had no access to any official discussions, deliberations or reactions of Pakistani government and establishment that may have or could have taken place before or after Mumbai. He only became PM in June 2013, when the issue had ceased to be discussed at all.

Nawaz has also not said anything which is not already admitted on record. Reality is that he has no inside information of anything. Factual value of his comments is as good as that of any political analyst. What makes it vitally important however is that he has been thrice elected PM of Pakistan and Indians & Trump administration will use his statements to increase tensions with Pakistan at a time when already tensions are very high.

Why Nawaz has done that? He has pulled this “dirty game” exploiting his position in Pakistani politics because he has realized – after the fading public response across Punjab and the hapless situation in Accountability Court (where he has no money trail to offer) that his politics is finished. Now he wants to save himself from “conviction” and a long jail sentence. Nawaz was always playing on Pakistani wicket as “Agent of International Establishment” and he is hopeful that tensions with India & West will help him get a bail out from “convictions”. Growing tensions with Washington have also to do something with the fate of Nawaz – since he was their main investment. He had hinted, in a barely veiled threat, on 3rd May, outside court, that he has many secrets to out. In reality he has no secrets; he is only exploiting his past position to blackmail Pakistani state institutions – Army & Judiciary – that “I will harm you, if you don’t find a ‘way out’ for me”. His politics is finally finished. He is politically dead on 12 May, 2018. Now its only about Jail sentence, and money and a bail out from Pakistan.

I had always pointed out that, Nawaz is an agent of Indian interests in Pakistan – today my position stands vindicated…”

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