اسلامی تصوف کی حقیقت – “الحق” کے ساتھ جینا

اسلامی تصوف کی حقیقت- “الحق” کے ساتھ جینا

سید افتخار حیدر

One comment

  1. This article is meant to eliminate too many Sects and Silsilaas in the Islamic Tasawwef and trace their Roots with the AL-HAQUE revealed by Allah s.w.t in the Books sent with His Holly Messengers. a.s.
    Once that root is found, then most of the systems are only the methodologies devised by the Great Masters of the Past to achieve the objectives without causing any conflicts with the existing legal norms.
    (Syed Iftikhar Haider)


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