A Few Questions For PMLN Supporters

By Air/Cmdr (Rtd) Sajad Haider

I have a few questions for PMLN supporters as well as those in the market who claim they have no political affiliation:-

1) How many times did you raise your voice against NAWAZ SHARIF when he held public office and used PIA planes for fetching his meals??
2) Did you raise your voice when he let the PIA plane wait overnight just because he missed one famous restaurant in Turkey??
3) Did you raise your voice when he took a charged PIA plane to London to go for treatment and kept it parked in London for one month while getting treatment??
4) Did you raise your voice when you found him involved in mega corruption cases? When you found him as an employee in Dubai while he was PM of Pak.??
5) Did you raise your voice when he tried to change the law of Khatam-e-Nabowat in constitution??
6) Did you raise your voice when 14 people were brutally killed in Model Town??
7) Did you raise your voice when he was continuously spitting venom against the Pakistan SC and Army ??
8) Did you raise your voice when he read from written notes in front of Obama and at all international and national forums?? Such a disgrace! Such a shame!!
9) Did you raise your voice when RAW agents were captured from his Sugar mills??
10 ) Did you ask him how his children became multi-billionaires at the age of 16-17?
11) Did you question him when he distributed party tickets to 148 lotaas in 2013??
12) Did you ask him why he back stabbed PML Leader, the then PM Junejo and joined hands with military dictator??
13) Did you ask him why he took money from ISI and played to their tunes to take over from Benazir??
14) Did you ask him why he launched a dirty character assassination campaign through Hussain Haqqani against Benazir??
15) Did you ask him why he ran away from the country making a deal with the dictator leaving his party men stranded behind??
16) Did you ask him why he and his whole family rush to UK even when they have a cough or flu?
17) Did you ask him & PML(N) why they hadn’t built any dam in Pakistan even though he has been in power many times???
18) Did you ask him & his cronies how much loans they have taken in last 5 years???
19) Did you ask him why he prefers Metro to Hospitals and Universities & why he does not want to depoliticise Police/Bureaucracy??
20) Since 2 years, courts are asking him for money trail of his colossal wealth abroad…where is his money trail??
21) Did you ask him why he used lavish protocol of dozens of cars, security & facilities from tax payers’ money, even after his disqualification, while other Ex-PMs didn’t have any such protocol?
22) Why there is no genuine local government system in Punjab??
23) Why he didn’t open up his mouth on Kalboshan Yadev to-date???
24) Why he didn’t appoint any foreign minister for so many years and as a result served our enemy’s agenda & got us so isolated.
25) Did you ask him what secret meetings of diplomatic and national interest he used to do in the darkness of night with Jindal and Modi??
26) Did you ask him why he never met Occupied Kashmiri leadership on so many of his visits to India??
27) Did you ask him why his “British national” sons used to accompany him on state visits to India?? What was their role and who were they meeting privately??
28) Did you ask him why he appointed Mariam having no qualifications except for being his daughter on a fund of Rs.100 billion?
29) Did you ask him why he appointed Najam Sethi, having no Cricketing background, as Chairman PCB??
30) Did you ask him why he gave his Party tickets to people like Farooq Bandial and you even vote for them and elect them??
31) Did you ask him why he is unable to run Pakistan Steels mill while his own steel mills are making heavy profits??
32) Did you ask him why he is unable to run PIA, which is the mother airline for many lucrative international airlines, while Shahid Khaqan’s airline is flourishing??

The list is long but let’s stop here! I request you all to tag all the PMLN supporters, analysts, media anchors, civil society flag bearers and anti-establishment trumpeters. I will welcome any logical answers.

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