India’s use of different mediums to generate false narrative

By News Desk

Center for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS), Islamabad organized a Roundtable Discussion with Mr. Elias Davidson, Author of the Book – The Betrayal of India on 17th April 2019, at Islamabad Club.

The session commenced with the opening remarks by Major General Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery HI(M), (Retd) – President CGSS who thanked all the worthy participants and stated that Mr. Davidson has exposed the malign agenda of India by providing facts. Ms. Rahat Iqbal – Expert of Defence and Nuclear Studies and Consultant CGSS stated that such false flag operations can lead to nuclear standoff between the two nuclear powers.

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Mr. Elias Davidsson, Author of the Book, The Betrayal of India stated that there are five types of terrorism; criminal acts, state terrorism, genuine terrorism, atomic aggression and covert terrorism. The Mumbai Attacks 2008 were an act of covert terrorism. I looked into this operation as a criminal investigator. India’s motives were different for these false flag operation, its motive was to get more money for the military and police, second reason was to create a national security situation, third reason was to shift the political opinion and get favors for BJP and Hindutva, fourth reason was to target the lower class of Indian population to raise their voice for national security, who were not interested in national security before this incident. Similarly, in the 9/11 attacks, there were complete absence of any evidence. USA doesn’t feel an obligation to justify their case and provide evidence against Afghanistan before waging the war. UN agenda of anti-terror discourse is to enact laws against terrorism. There is also a committee for counter terrorism which monitors each country. Counter terrorism agenda is a cover up used by several states against the Muslims, which India has also used. He highlighted that Muslim countries have nothing to do with terrorism, they are also not a part of 9/11. We must train our media to give appropriate reports and we must raise our voice against such propagandas.

The Roundtable session was followed by an interactive question and answer session highlighting many other important facts of the false flag operations.

Approximately 80 people including experts of foreign policy and representatives of public and private sector attended the Roundtable Session.

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