Claim of Modi and his ambassador is the biggest joke of this century

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Kashmir is burning and bleeding. It needs immediate attention of all stalwarts of human rights. Research Service of European Parliament has issued a research document captioned “Indian Administered Kashmir: Present Situstion.” In this document the situation of Kashmir after August 5, 2019 has been described. It says Kashmir is besieged by the Indian Army and the human rights situation is horrible.

I ask Modi if everything in Srinagar is normal, then why you have clamped curfew there? Why lockdown? Why you do not allow Amnesty International, Asia Watch and other human rights organizations to visit Kashmir? Modi is an imposter. He is deceptive. He is trying to cast dust into the world’s eyes but his hypocritical envisage has been unveiled.

The Indian ambassador Harish Warden Shringla wrote an article in the New York Times and foolishly maintained that India will make Kashmir a prosperous state. In the past 72 years India could not make it a prosperous state and now after turning the earthly heaven into hell is announcing to make it a heaven.

The Kashmiris are in the worst state of poverty, misery and penury. The claim of Modi and his ambassador is the biggest joke of this century. Kashmir is known for fruit trade. Its apples and apricots are the best in the whole world. India has made a ferocious strategy to damage the economy of Kashmiris as well and has cut many fruit trees.

India is accusing Pakistan for infiltration in Kashmir. While the whole Kashmiri nation is demanding the ouster of India from Kashmir and chanting the slogans: “Long Live Pakistan.“

It means the whole Kashmiri nation has given the decision in the favor of Pakistan. What is plebiscite? It is plebiscite. Hinduism stands for Ahinsa. It claims Shanti (peace) as its article of faith. If Modi is a Hindu, then he should promote peace, not terrorism and State aggression. Kashmir Issue will be resolved by Ballet, not by Bullet. India is incessantly using bullets in Kashmir for the last three decades. It is not Ghandism. It is Modism.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia Mr. Mohammad Mohatir in his speech in UN General Assembly has sardonically criticized the unilateral action of the Indian government on the matter of Kashmir. He stressed on the need of bilateral talks and the implementation of the UN resolutions on Kashmir.

On the other hand ,the leader of Indian Communist Party Chad Redni has severely condemned the autocratic rule of Modi. He said Modi had violated Indian constitution and contained the freedom of press.

It is highly abhorrent that on the pretext of “Search Operation”, the Indian army have ransacked the houses in Ram Bun and Gander Ball. Seven innocent young guys were mercilessly shot dead. The house were raided by the rakish and rancorous Indian predators.

I foresee that this rampancy of aggression will soon end with the end of India and India is bound to dismember. Great Indian poet Late Sahir Ludyanvi In his poetry book titled ‘Talkhiyan’ (Bitternesses) had written: “Blood is blood; when it flows, it condenses: Aggression is aggravation, when it exceeds, it diminishes.“

I suggest illiterate and immodest Modi to read this book and learn the lesson of history about the fascists.

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  1. India’s arguments on Kashmir, even the ‘best’ of which still don’t justify its presence there, are in their entirety based on lies about the history of the Kashmir dispute.


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