Indian PM has proved to be a butcher playing with innocent lives in Kashmir

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Today is October 1, 2019 and I have received a video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A few years ago he was interviewed by CNN – INN Live. com. The interviewer posed him this question: “Mr. Modi you had been the Chief Minister of Gujrat for six years. You are called “ Mass Murderer.” You are known as the killer of 2500 innocent Muslims of Gujrat. You are prejudiced against Muslims. Don’t you feel image problem. Would you like to clarify your position? “ Modi had no answer. His face turned pale. He was mumed. He stated gasping and asked for a glass of water. He was perspiring and looked confused and sunk in the sea of perturbation. He said he would not answer this question.

It is suffice to infer that he is an illiterate goon who played with the lives of innocent Muslims. He spoke a few words in broken English. His English is horrible. He proved to be a butcher, brigand, brute, and a brusque. It is very sorrowful that the Indian illiterate class elected a man with such a rakish mindset.

Our great leader Quaid-e-Azad in 1945, in a meeting with Sheikh Abdullah had warned him to beware of the treachery of Nehru. He told him that the salvation of the Muslims lies in Two Nation Theory. But the self-conceited so called Lion of Kashmir did not heed to his advice. A time came when this political rowdy, rover and rogue was jailed by his mentor Mr. Nehru for eleven years. His book Aatish-e-Chinar speaks volumes about his miserable condition in jail. It is a saga of his delirious delusions. He was power hungry. He had no choice but to lick the shoes of Nehru. His Son Farooque Abdullah and grand son Omar Abdullah also sold their conscience to Lucifer like Dr. Faustus. The play written by Marlow applies on Sheikh Abdullah. Today at the age of 80, he is imprisoned by India. Now he has stated: “We are deceived by India. Our elders committed grave mistake by trusting India.”

What Sheikh Abdullah sowed, the Kashmiris are harvesting today. It is fifty eighth day Srinagar is locked down. The Valley has been turned into the dale of death. On this plight eminent Indian journalist Rana Ayyub has written a column in The Washington Post. She has condemned the excesses and atrocities being committed on the defenseless Kashmiris. She writes that the Muslims of Assam and Kashmir are under the stone wall of religious extremism and state terrorism. She considers the policies of Modi as a great threat to Indian solidarity and union. She further observed that on the 150th Birth anniversary of Mohatma Ghandhi, Modi should be ashamed for deterring the path of peace shown by Ghandi.

It is highly sorrowful that the Indian Army Chief has threatened a Surgical Strike against Pakistan and announced to attack Azad Kashmir and merge it in India. He is inviting big trouble in the Sub-continent by issuing such idiotic statements. Pakistan has all resources to defeat and destroy Indian arrogance. The Indian General seems sleeping and dreaming. He is a day dreamer. No one can stop the cats eating tough meet in dreams.

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