RSS leader: Non-Hindus either enter into the fold of Hinduism or leave India

By Dr Maqsood Jafri

Krishna Gopal, a zealot who preaches Hindu extremism is a prominent leader of RSS. He has admitted that Modi and RSS are one and have one agenda. That agenda is to put pressure on non-Hindus either enter into the fold of Hinduism or leave India. Their slogan is: “Ram Raj.”

India was only once united in the times of Hindu ruler Ashoka. He was a moderate Hindu and united different Hindu classes and factions in the name of Hinduism. After him, once again Hindus split into factions. Then, the Muslims ruled over India nearly about 9 centuries.

In 1857, the British got power. In 1947, India was divided and Pakistan was created. Now, in India we find Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. They can be united only in the name of Secularism propounded by Ghandi. India is bound to dismember by the ideology of Modism. The religious discrimination by BJP will ultimately disintegrate India. Modi has prejudicial and disingenuous mind-set. He is a short-visioned and narrow minded disputant.

Modi in his speech in UN General Assembly did not utter a single word about the burning issue of Kashmir. He acted like an ostrich that hides his head in sand on seeing the sand storm. He was guilty conscience. He shirked from the real issue and vainly tried to stultify the whole world. Had he any case on Kashmir, he would have presented it on International forum. Imran Khan roared like a lion and knocked down the peevish and sheepish Modi.

Narendra Modi in his speech indirectly blamed Pakistan for insurgency in Kashmir. May we ask him; are the whole Kashmiri nation sent by Pakistan in Kashmir against your aggression? Does the whole Kashmiri nation consist of terrorists?

They are neither insurgents nor terrorists. They are freedom fighters. They want emancipation from Indian yoke. India cannot keep them in captivity any more. India is digging its own grave by making Kashmir the grave yard of innocent Kashmiris.

Another Hindu extremist, the leader of the Indian BJP Rajeshwar Singh has announced: “Muslims and Christians will be wiped out from India by December 31, 2021.”

He seems very anxious to drive out three hundred million Muslims and Christians as soon as possible. He is a day dreamer and a phobic. His frantic mentality is even destructive for the Solidarity of India but no one from BJP or RSS stopped him for issuing such an idiotic statement as they have the same frenzied mindset. According to his wish when the Christians will be persecuted, will America and the Christian West ignore massacre of the Christians? Certainly not and should not. The reaction in the Muslim world will also be enormous. India does not need Pakistan for its disintegration. Such goons and buffoons are sufficient to break India.

A committee of American Congress will meet on October 22, 2019 and discuss the latest situation in Kashmir. Assistant State Secretary of America Ms. Allis will brief the Committee on the human rights violation and other related matters.

Jernail Singh, a Sikh Member of Sikh delegation that on a visit to Pakistan has said that the Pakistani Sikhs are happy and safe in Pakistan where as they are intimidated, harassed and incarcerated in India on petty dubious matters. He criticized the Indian State terrorism in Kashmir.

The New York Times has written that in two months 144 Kashmiri youths have been abducted by the Indian Army. Even the guys of 14 years old are missing. They have been kidnapped. Their mothers are swooned and lost their senses. They bitterly cry on the abduction of their kids. It is a great test for the whole peace loving world to halt India on such heinous crimes. Their parents do not know where are their kids. Whether they are alive or dead. It is a great human tragedy.

There are so many ladies in Kashmir whose husbands were abducted two decades ago by the Indian army and their wives till today do not know about their husbands. They are known as Half Widows. I do not find words to express my grief, annoyance and resentment on such inhuman behavior of the Indians who claim that Hindu religion is the religion of peace and humanity. Is it their humanity? It seems as the South Asia is being dragged and driven to nuclear war. It is strongly appealed to all democratic and humanitarian forced to immediately intervene and stop Indian aggression in Kashmir and resolve Kashmir Issue according to the UN resolutions. I request the world intelligentsia to raise potent voice against Indian predators.

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