Pakistan Army responds strongly to Musharraf Verdict

By News Desk

In a Press Conference today, DG ISPR General Asif Ghafoor said that verdict about General Musharraf and especially the language used in the verdict are beyond humanity and social norms. He said that Pakistan Armed Forces are the most disciplined institute in Pakistan and they have taken oath to protect Pakistan with their lives.

He said that Pakistan Army is acutely aware about the nature of the Hybrid War which Pakistan is facing, and that the Armed Forces know how to deal with the enemies and also their aiders and abettors. He said that some people want to incite us with internal and external threats and provoke us to fight amongst ourselves. Pakistan Army has the complete visibility of the picture.

The enemies are dreaming of overcoming Pakistan. This will never happen inshaAllah. If Pakistan Army is aware of the threat, it means it is also ready to responf to it. If we were able to fight interal menace of terrorism, we will also defeat the external enemies of Pakistan. We have sacrificed a lot for this stability; the army, the nation, and all institutes of the state have sacrificed. We will never let this stability reverse. We will not stop our progress. We will inshaAllah defeat internal & external adversaries.

He said that PM Imran Khan and COAS General Bajwa had a detailed discussion regarding Musharraf Verdict. The sentiments of Pakistan Army, the analysis on media and the patriotic voices reflect the situation regarding this verdict. You will soon learn about the decisions taken by the PM and COAS.

He said that the public should trust Pakistan Army. We will never let anarchy reign in Pakistan but at the same time we will defend the honour of Pakistan Army along with our country’s honour. He said that we will respond with full force to all enemies and their abettors.

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